Friday, February 19, 2010

Paintbox 3, 4 & 5; Carolina Christmas part 5

I've been getting a couple of hours of sewing in each night....
Wednesday night: Paintbox set #3 (hit the blues)

Thursday night: Paintbox #4 (in come the greens)

Tonight: Paintbox #5 (and the yellows)

These are so fun and quick to sew up; right around an hour from cutting-start to pressing-finish. Oh----can you find the boo-boo on set #5? When I realized what I had done, I simple said..."psht! Hardly noticeable, specially once all 80 blocks will be sewn together." You see it yet?

And I've also been working on Carolina Christmas step 5's Pointsetta blocks; 10 completed Wednesday evening, and 11 more tonight.

I am SOOOO thankful I have my Brother as a backup machine. My piecing is DEFINITELY not as good using it, but.....hey! At least I can still sew!!!! I have plans to hit the road tomorrow AM a bit before 8:00 so I can get to the shop by 9:00 to drop off my Bernina. Sadly, I won't be able to get it back until the following weekend because it can't get looked at tomorrow. So LAUREL-----if you are around, I'll be at Sew Complete at 9:00!!! ;0) But I'll be turning around right away; I don't want to "waste" the day completely.

Happy Friday :0)


Lurline said...

Hmmm, those Paintbox Blocks looks great - tempting!
Hugs - Lurline♥

scraphappy said...

I had to really look to find the boo boo, you mean the short seam allowance on the right side of the second one on the top? I hope your Bernina is ready to go today. At least you won't be tempted to shop after all of your recent acquisitions. Carolina Christmas is fabulous, the colors look great together.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh Angela---you had to point that out, didn't you?? :0)
The two yellow ones have the center and outer yellow fabrics mixed around ("spotted yellow" center square isn't with the spotted yellow outer square).
SO! Case-n-point; "hardly noticeable" even after tight scrutiny. ;0)

Jackie said...

I would have never figured it out if you hadn't mentioned it. All the blocks are lovely!

Linda said...

I thought it was the yellow centers. I didn't notice the short seam...See, you shouldn't ask people to LOOK for your mistakes. I think they look fine just the way they are. We are our own worst critics! I think they are looking good and I'm tempted to do one of these. It goes together so quickly. I might do it in scraps though. Your CC looks great too! I love the colors. Hugs, Linda

Gari said...

I searched for the mistake: no, no one will notice unless you point it out. I love the blocks.

Quilter Kathy said...

I had to really search to find it :) For sure no one will notice.
Look forward to seeing your mystery blocks together!