Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quilts for kids (3); Now or Forever; Stash Report

(Left): Prince in Training [[Thanks for the name suggestion Angela!!]]
(Middle): A Cowboy's Life (the kit from Downy)
(Right): Lilly Pad Hop [[Thanks for the name suggestion Laurel!]]

With a few major hiccups yesterday, I ended up being 3 hours delayed (actually closer to four) with the finishes of my Quilts for Kids. I was clippin' along merrily with the quilting, and was ready to start the binding....and then frustration hit! TENSION!!!!! I FMQ'd (free-motion-quilted) in the borders, and didn't even THINK about checking for tension problems because I simply haven't had problems since I got my new machine. So----I spent 1.5 hours with EACH quilt, ripping out the border quilting ((**sigh**)), and then another hour of re-quilting the borders. happens. Today the final touches were put on (label and binding stitches). Hopefully they'll be hitting the mail tomorrow, but more likely Tuesday.

Despite the frustration with the tension, I persevered and kept going last night....until MIDNIGHT! I couldn't believe it when I looked up and saw 11:30! I was in a zone for sure.....

Now-n-Forever saw progress in the form of sashings, borders, and piano-keys! At the moment, it is under the machine with quarter of the quilting done. It will also see a name change----> Now or Forever. LOL. If I were to complete the pattern as given, it would be ABSOLUTELY forever until it would have seen a completion. Those roses just hung me up big time! ((Here's the proposed design in case you've never seen it.))

This afternoon, Caitlyn and I pulled out her "100th day of school" project since tomorrow is the Big Day! She needed to place 100 items on her poster, so I offered her a few suggestions; the typical items like cheerios, maccaroni, buttons, spaghetti.....and I threw in pictures and stickers as well. Those ideas were a hit with her, the computer I went to print out 50 little pictures of the past few months while she sought out some stickers. Now----to just find some clothes for her to wear to look "old". :0)

Stash Report: February 1 - 7
Used this week: 9.132 yards
Purchased this week: 0 yards (Yes, Z-E-R-O!!!)
Used-to-date 2010: 40.132 yards
Purchased-to-date 2010: 86.25 yards
Net used: -46.12 yards

Happy Sunday


Jackie said...

I love a piano key border! The quilt is wonderful...very happy.

Sharon T in Lynden said...

what a fun school project for Caitlyn! What grade is she in? I love your quilts, all of them. I also favor the brights. And thank you for what you do for others with your quilting.

scraphappy said...

Bummer about the tension issues. I used to count on getting frustrated with tensioning on my old machine, but now I am always a little surprised when it happens and try to ignore it. The finished quilts look fabulous. I was so happy to finish my one and there you go getting three done and putting together your forever blocks. Those look great together BTW. I can imagine that those roses would be time consuming to applique, but your sashing and cornerstones look like they were meant to be that way. Have a happy Monday. I hope you aren't all bleary eyed from your late night.

Linda said...

Good job...3 quilts done and they are all cute. Good names too...

Your Now and Forever looks great this way. I like it this way with the piano key border.

What a cute project for Caitlyn. She's a doll.

Congrats on winning one of the prizes on Bed of Roses blog. Go claim your prize.
Hugs, Linda

Alycia said...

The quilts turnied out so cute! I like your layout of the now and forever quilt. The colors are great.

Candace said...

Great quilts, and I love the labels and names. If now and forever wasn't such a great name, I'd have to suggest a bowl of candy. That's what it reminds me of. Love the bright cheerfulness of it.

Quilter Kathy said...

Such a beautiful pile of quilts!
Ah yes...the 100 day project...I convinced my daughter to make hers from 100 squares of fabric!

bingo~bonnie said...

Thank you for showing a photo of your labels - I love seeing what people add to theirs. Your hand writing is so pretty!

At my daughter's school each class collected 100 items to be donated to a local charity that helps women who have been released form prison and trying to make a new start. The Kindergarten collected 4 deodorants from each kid and then the teacher and aide donated the rest to make for 100 bars of deodorant. Another class did tooth brushes, ect... a great way to celebrate 100th day and also teach about giving to others.

Love your quilt for kids quilts! I'm free motioning mine - it's my 1st ever project to quilt on my machine and I'm not finding it to be very fun... had family in from KY over the weekend so it got pushed aside. I better get it back out this week ;) Wish me luck!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie