Thursday, August 5, 2010

Running log - 8/4/10

**knock on wood**

I've found some motivation somewhere and have actually pounded the pavement twice this week! I've tanked my plans to run a marathon this Fall, but am striving to run a Half this October. The course is the same as the Marathon; "Whistlestop" up in Ashland, Wisconsin. I haven't run the course since 2008, though :0( Volleyball claimed my life last Fall and I sadly backed away from my running. BUT----I don't want that to happen this year!

These are some pics from the 2008 race; my sister ran the shorter 5K in the morning and then came out to some of the spectator spots with Cassie in tow to cheer me on. It's not a highly spectated (?) race unlike some other Fall marathons (Chicago, Twin Cities), but the course is GORGEOUS and a great surface to run on.

2008 had PERFECT weather!!!! Look at those trees!
2007 had OKAY weather
2006 BIT THE BIG ONE!!!! It was my first marathon and it was COLD, WINDY and slightly SNOWY!

Anyway---the real reason for the post...
The numbers.....
Monday's run (my first back in almost a month)
1.83 miles -- 18:52 -- Max HR (heartrate) 190 -- Avg HR 175
Thursday's run (same course)
1.83 miles -- 18:20 -- Max HR (heartrate) 189 -- Avg HR 173

So, being the mathematical person I am, here's my analysis....
If I follow the simple formula that some runners use to determine maximum HR (220 - age), that would put my suggested maximum HR at 185. {{{ummm....okay, so my heart is getting taxed!!!!!}}
HOWEVER, with one run down (Monday), my heart was already learning how to handle my added exertion of running. My HR (Max and Avg) went down even though my time was faster! So........hypothesis: "The more I run, the easier it will get!"

**crossing fingers**


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Way to go! You've got a lot more energy than I do! Ha!

jillquilts said...

You can do it!!!

scraphappy said...

Yea, glad you are back out there again. It gets easier the more you do it. I promise. Hey, maybe you could run with the volleyball team and still manage to keep training during the season.

Andee said...

Good for you. I am recommitting to my exercise bike too...I often wish my addiction was to running or biking...anything but ice cream!