Saturday, August 7, 2010

Twilight Swap information -- interested in joining???

Per request (and I actually meant to do this in my last post, but forgot...)
I am a member of the Block Swappers Yahoo group - (Stashbuster Swap subgroup). This group is hosting the swap, so if you are interested after reading the Twilight swap directions (8 KB PDF file) (uploaded to my Skattebo Creations website so you can read it), please head over to Block Swappers Yahoo group to sign up to be a member.

There are currenlty 13 ladies signed up for the swap using the following block patterns: "Amish Diamond, Antique Tile, Blackford's Beauty (that's mine), Contrary Wife, Farmer's Wife, Kansas Troubles, Linked Chevron, Mississippi, Nelson's Victory, Sawtooth Star, The Old Red and Blue Block". The swap has now been opened to people to make more than one style of block (one lady has chosen "Nonesuch" IF more people sign up), but until the numbers go up, I won't choose to make another block because I don't want duplicates.

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Lori said...

Ohhh, your twisting my arm!!!Hah! Hah!