Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tired, but productive today!

Whew....I'm kicking myself for staying up until midnight last night!
First off, I THINK the snow if finally finished. I couldn't believe we got about another 3-4 inches last night; and then at 10:00 this morning, it started AGAIN!

My daughter's 4th birthday was last weekend and we bought her a new bike. She LOVED it! Well, you can see, it's waiting for warmer weather again.

<--- At least he's been getting some more work the past couple of days :0)

Well, I've taken on the advice of a few Quiltville Chat members, and am washing ALL the fabric I have gotten from my Grandmother. I've been washing a load here-n-there all day, but haven't tackled ironing them yet. I will take that on later tonight, after sitting and relaxing for a bit.

I tackled a short stack of Cassie's (7 yr old) clothes that need a small fix each. Gosh, they were so easy, but can you imagine how long they've sat on the "to-do" pile? Seriously!!!!

Then I started cleaning up the quilting space. My quilting space is basically an unfurnished, incomplete basement room that will eventuallllly get done (???). Since I was almost clearing ALL the fabric off the shelves for washing (most of my stash is from my grandmother), I figured it made sense to clean the space. In doing so, I found my FAVORITE seam ripper that has been amiss for months!

Also, I came across an entire bolt of white fabric that my sister donated to me. She is NOT a "domestically inclined" person---she had purchased for one school project or another, but ended up using NONE, so.....woo-hoo! 18 yards of white fabric now belongs to me.

After lunch, I finally set out to accomplish by task for the day.....finish quilting one of my UFO's lying around since October.
This is also is a great picture showing how unfinished by quilting space is. You like that "construction worker's" light? Well, I don't have ANY outlets in the space---NONE! So, I have two heavy-duty extention cords coming in from two other outlets. And, I thought it only made sense to use a lighted extention cord; killing two birds with one stone. Let's see...what do I all have plugged into that one??? My sewing machine, two lights, a house-hold extention cord that is attached to two more lights and a radio. On the other heavy-duty extention cord, I ONLY have my iron plugged in. I've learned that I'll be blowing fuses left-n-right if I try to put anything else on that one. And besided, the out I have it coming from also runs the alarm for our sub-pump. I wouldn't want anything to happen there!!

The space isn't pretty, but it's functional, and MORE IMPORTANT, I don't have to pack everything up at the end of the day like I needed to when I was using the kitchen table upstairs :0)

I'm doing a simple meandering/stipple quilting in all the white areas of the blocks. But after starting again after so many months, I REMEMBERED why I had put it aside! For some frustrating reason, my thread keeps breaking. I'm not just talking once or I could handle. But, breaks just about everytime I get to a seam. May this possibly be a lesson learned------Press seams open if I plan to quilt that heavily again!

But, success! I finished quilting all the blocks. All that remains is to do something in the borders --- probably just stitching in the ditch along the horizontal pieces.

So, it's 6:19 and I'm tired. My girls are relaxing with a Dora movie, and I'm tempted to "rest my eyes a bit." (snicker-snicker.)
Actually, I'll probably head downstairs and start tackling the basket of washed fabric. I can't wait to see it all pressed, folded and organized on the shelves. And even better, I HOPEFULLY won't have to worry about a gunking iron anymore now that I KNOW all the fabric lacks starch. :0)

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Amanda said...

What a busy day - and still raring to go! Lucky you to have a sewing space - however unfurnished - I'm still working in my bedroom which doubles up (or is it trebles up?) as office space for my husband as well, so have to keep clearing up. Happy ironing!