Saturday, April 26, 2008

Come ON already !!!((*&@^(*&^

Please, please please, please, please, please..............NO MORE SNOW!!!!!!!!
This was the "lovely" picture we woke up to today.......I am so TIRED of snow!!

Okay, now the NEXT frustration to get off my chest...!!!!!!
I put my "sandwich" together last night and started to quilt. I followed the suggestion of Amanda, and I decided on a simple meander.
Well LEARN from my mistake......
An hour and half into quilting, I decided to take the quilt out of the machine to see how equally spaced the meanders were. The top was about half complete, and looking okay. UNTIL............. I looked at the back!!!

Terrible!!!!!!!! My tension must be SO FAR OFF! The back looked terrible-----I can't even describe what it looked it----just.....BAD! No "nice, even" stitches, but rather.....loops coming from the "top thread", and ......GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
I sat for 5 minutes, wondering if there was ANY other option than pulling out the stitches......but..........*sigh*.

So, after a 10 minute break AWAY from the quilt (because I was so MAD!), I grapped the ripper.
The only good news about this situation-----it was rather EASY and QUICK to pull out most of the stitches because they were so loose! BUT STILL......I started "unsewing" at 7:00 pm, and pulled the last stitch at 12:13 am!! Non-stop!

So, here I sit, saturday morning, with the quilt sandwiched directly in front of me, WITHOUT a single stitch of quilting!!!!!!
AND, I have NO INTENTION of figuring out my tension problem right now. I don't have the patience.

So, Angela (soscrappy), I am going to follow your idea of a grid-line form of quilting. I really want to finish it this weekend!!! I don't know exactly if I'll be able to . We are supposed to go to the cabin today; in fact, we should already be on the road, but this weather is delaying us from making a solid decision.



MK said...

Beautiful quilt! But the snow, eh! (I grew up in South Dakota, I know how you feel about spring snow! yuk)

Candace said...

I'm sorry that you had to deal with that, the only good thing is the quilt is so beautiful that it will be worth it.

Kathy Wagner said...

Oh got a double whammy with the snow AND a quilting tension nightmare! Hope you have a chance to try again.

Amanda said...

Oh Amy, how rotten! Why haven't they invented a machine yet that tells you when this starts happening? Or tells you when your bobbin thread runs out? That's bad enough when it happens when you're sewing a seam, but at least that's easier to get out than if you're quilting. Have a good, peaceful weekend. Enjoy the snow!!!

scraphappy said...

I hate it when that happens! I kept having that same problem last year before my pitiful sobs drove my husband to the quilting shop to pick out a new machine for me. Even when I was having tension problems, the walking foot seemed to work a lot better than the darning foot. Good luck with try number two! It will be worth it in the end!