Thursday, June 14, 2012

Diamond Fields

Angela (soscrappy) gave SUCH an excellent name idea for my "stumped" block yesterday.  "Diamond Fields" is a perfect fit for this block.

After paying bills this morning (bleh! Anyone else procrastinate with bill paying?)... I pieced together twenty blocks from all the units I had pre-sewn previously.

And then......ummmmmmm.......  Now what?  This literally is a design in the making;  no pre-plans or much thought of how to tie them together.  Therefore, I pulled...and sat back... and looked...and pulled...and pondered....  (yeah, we all know this dance, right?)

And then I thought maybe to GO BIG with the baby and come up with a connector block....

And this is where I needed to leave things for the afternoon because we had some unexpected visitors in the form of Paul's parents.  They arrived at noon and stayed until a little after 3:00, just visiting on their way up to the Farm for the weekend.

OH!  And all that rain today!?!?!?!?!?!  Oh the poor, poor tomato plants.  It's a good thing they are hilled up;  they may just be okay once the water seeps into the ground.  I don't have any official reading on how much rain we received today, however an acquaintance said his gauge read 2 inches at 3:00.  

A portion of our neighbor's field was turned into a swimming pool.  At one point today, I was considering calling the Olympic Committee to request to host the 2012 Summer swimming events in our garden and neighbor's field.

All-in-all, due to the rain and visitors, it has been a rather lazy day.  Caitlyn put "The Call of the Wild" DVD into the player around 3:30;  we purchased it about a month ago and haven't watched any episodes yet.  I don't recall hearing about this series at all, but the 2-hour pilot was excellent, and we paused the 2nd episode in order to start dinner.  Speaking of which, time for me to skidaddle back to preparing it. 


Andee said...

Looking great...designing your own stuff, whoot whoot. Glad you all did not drown with all that rain. :)

Quilter Kathy said...

What a great design made from your scraps!

Patchwork Penguin said...

I love the purple, green, and orange combination.... never would have thought to marry those together.

Wow!! All that rain!!! Hope nothing in the garden was lost.