Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's face facts, folks...

Anyone who visits our house right now will just have to accept that our garden is "cleaner" than our house.  'Nuf said!

My parents are visiting later today (after informing us last night at 8:30 PM), therefore the gameplan this morning was to tidy up the house.   Well........

..... I ended up in the garden for a wee bit longer than expected.  I only meant to water and feed (Miracle Grow) the beans and tomatoes, but since I was out there, I ended up weeding and cultivating around the plants at the same time.  

Lower "left" main garden:  raspberries, strawberries, peppers, garlic, basil, onions, potatoes

Lower "middle" main garden: potatoes, beans, cucumbers, peas

Lower "right" main garden:  tomatoes, lettuce, kalorabi (sp?), broccoli, cabbage, parsley, dill, carrots

My assistant :D  (I'm sure he'd argue that I'm HIS assistant).
Therefore......My "partner" may be a better name for him :)

Upper front garden space:  beans, carrots, cilantro, asparagus, chives, garlic, some raspberries that didn't get transplanted

Here are four of my "rescued" tomatoes!  

Upper back garden space:  corn and 8 more rescued tomato plants.

An update on lil' Mama:  no babies yet.  One nice PRO about keeping a blog;  it's a great timeline too.  The first picture I had about lil' Mama was dated 6/8/12, and we think that was a few days after she started sitting...... we're thinking any day now :D

Back to some laundry and maybe even some quilting.  Housework, schmousework!  My parents will understand :)


Valerie said...

Hahaha, that is often the situation here. Although...right now my house is DEFINITELY cleaner than my garden. garde is about 10 foot by 10 foot! LOL*

Andee said...

This garden looks fantastic! HUGE and tons of work so too bad if this house is a little lived in :)

Linda said...

Yes--The garden looks great...So that is why we saw Paul driving the tractor in the garden area when we went by about an hour ago... Enjoy the visit with your mom and dad!

Quilter Kathy said...

You and your assistant are doing an amazing job of keeping your garden spotless. I'm a total fail when it comes to weeding....hate it! Clearly I need an assistant!

Linda said...

Your garden is beautiful! I know how much work this is. I have let my garden go to weed this year. Me and my assistant failed miserably this year. My allergies got the best of me and the weeds got the other part. I just couldn't handle it. You get so much done. Between the garden, the kids, the house, quilting and school, when do you sleep? I'm sure they'll be ok with the house once they see you, the kids and the garden. Enjoy their visit.