Saturday, June 23, 2012

My household at 1:40 PM

Oh boy---it's a LAZY Saturday at the Skatt-Ranch!

Overcast and low 70's.  It's actually a PERFECT day for some outside work, but I'm honestly POOOOOOPED out from my 8 hours of sunny gardening yesterday and 5 hours the evening before.  Paul isn't feeling that greatest, so I convinced him to do some relaxing too.  (His arm didn't need much twisting.)

Cassie's the only one awake with me right now, so she got the whole "licking bowl" to herself from a batch of scotch-a-roos I just made for a family outing tonight with friends.

I wanted something simple to work on OTHER than parking my butt in the recliner with the laptop.  THAT would have been simple, yes....but I actually wanted to accomplish something productive.  I definitely don't have the energy to stand for an hour-or-so at the quilting frame, so I grabbed the Bear Paw blocks and am working on piecing the quilt center.  

Hopefully your Saturday is meaningful!


scraphappy said...

That couch looks mighty inviting. Glad you didn't join in the nap party though. Looks like you are making good progress on the bear paws. Hope a quilting mood strikes again soon.

Andee said...

Can't wait to see this bear paw come along...too funny on all that napping at your place. Sometimes you just gotta put your feet up and close your eyes :)