Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some quilting for MIL

My mother-in-law handed over this little baby quilt to me a few weeks ago.  It is hand cross-stitched;  I believe either a sister of hers or a niece stitched it.  She wanted me to finish it with quilting, so I kept the quilting very simple, VERY.  Some 1/4" outlines around the "blocks", some echoing in the clouds around the Ark, and some swirls in the border.   The star of this quilt is definitely the hand-work of the cross-stitch.  Since I kept it for a bit longer than I had hoped, I trimmed it up and put the binding on right away for her.  

So, can I claim this as another finish?  :D

Happy Wednesday


Miss 376 said...

It counts! Someone is going to get a very pretty little quilt

Andee said...

Very cute and yes another finish! WHOOT WHOOT!

soscrappy said...

It definitely counts as a finish. The quilting looks great.