Sunday, June 24, 2012

Free Kindle Book

I'm not necessarily jumping on the "Free Kindle book - Book Review" bandwagon, but I thought I'd share this one.  After reading the customer reviews, it seems like it follows that lovely classic romance formula:  "girl needs a boy, girl tries to change and pass off a boy as someone different, girl falls for boy."

Faking Mr. Right

 June 19, 2012
The Perfect Man…For Her?

Who is the perfect man? Ad executive Melissa Brock might not know the answer, but she does know it’s not Sam Curtis. But with time running out and no flawless male specimen in sight, Mel has no choice but to try and pass off the former soldier as the real thing for her next campaign. Her business partner claims Mel only needs to “smooth out Sam’s rough edges,” a comment that has her reaching for a sand blaster. Confident, irrepressible, and sexy as hell, Sam has an unerring talent for finding trouble and more appeal than any man has a right to possess. Against her better judgment, she finds herself falling under his spell. But Mel has to wonder: is she falling for her own Mr. Right, or under the hype of her own campaign?

Customer Reviews:  
1)  Typos were my only negative complaint. Some words did not change into the format cleanly and so the reader got to play guessing games with the intent. (Ex. that 'was' must have been a 'what' for the sentence to make any sense at all.)

Otherwise, wonderful characters placed in believable situations, with witty or snarky or delightful things to say. Laughing out loud does occur. Reader should be warned to not drink soda or milk while reading.
2) This stry had me cracking up constantly. The dynamic betwee the characters was fantastic. Loved the banter between Mel and Sam, it was hilarious especially pertaining to her pig looking dog. Incredible ending. Great story!!!
3) I REALLY enjoyed this book. I can imagine it being made into a really great romantic comedy movie. The characters were adorable and the writing was wonderful and SO funny.

I haven't been to the Free Kindle Book list in awhile!  This is only ONE of the 21 books I downloaded this morning. YIKES!!!! I guess we need to get out on the boat one of these days so that I can sit back and start reading.

After arriving home at 11:30 PM last night (WAY past my bedtime), we all have had a late start this morning.  The day is starting out overcast, but I think we will be making our way either to the beach or out on the boat.  The girls have been helping out quite a bit in the garden, too, so they are deserving of a sun-n-water day.

Happy Sunday

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I like your blog, I have done several quilts in the past, so I know what kind of work goes into them :O)