Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stormy Day!

Hail usually isn't a good sign, however the only weather warning is for a Severe Thunderstorm;  no tornado warnings (yet?).

Paul and I have been watching the clouds.   Just moments ago, there were about 4 different layers of clouds, each literally traveling in different directions, and some colliding with each other.  It makes for a great "awe" factor, but difficult to capture in still shots.

And now........oh boy!  The clouds coming in from the west ---- BLACK!!!
SO, definitely a perfect day for quilting (and crossing of fingers that the weather behaves).


Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Hope you made it through the storm alright. Please send the rain (not the storms) down by us....we could really use it.

Andee said...

I love the occassional stormy day! Great for quilting and reading!!

scraphappy said...

Those blocks came together super fast! Love the name:) Do you have any more purple diamonds or pinwheels that could be the cornerstones for the lattice strips?