Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hand-project Sunday

This morning, Cassie and I went shopping for clothes!!!! We BOTH needed some.  And even though I reallllllly didn't want to go, I knew we had to.  In the end, we each came away with two new pairs of pants and half a dozen tops.

I'm trying it again!!!
Remember when I attempted to crochet a rug for the first time?
Sure, as that post shows, the rug's life started out fine....but it didn't take long for it to start getting extremely wonky and wouldn't lay flat!  So I stopped and set it aside.
After watching some YouTube videos today, I'm trying it again.
{{Do you like my Green Bay Packer apparel too?  The 'comfy pants' are new today {even though you can't really see them}} :D

So far, so good.  

Now that dinner is finished (eggrolls--YUM!)), and the girls are taking showers, I plan to put my feet up with an evening of DH's choice of TV shows (football, probably), and I'll continue with the rug.

Paul was busy today too, making lefse.  I'm not a die-hard fan of it, but I certainly will enjoy a piece or two with some butter, cinnamon and sugar :)

Also, Candace and I enjoyed some PhotoBooth time!
I'd like to know what she's thinking in this picture!  Great shot for a caption contest.

A perfect image for the upcoming Halloween spookiness.  

Happy Sunday everyone!
Golly, this weekend flew by :(


Andee said...

Great photos...I too am in Packer attire! WHOOT WHOOT. Here's to a quick week so we can do all again next weekend!

scraphappy said...

Hope your rug turns out this time, that darn going in circles part is hard to get just right. Fun pictures. Glad you had a good weekend. Why isn't shopping for clothes nearly as much fun as shopping for fabric?

Patchwork Penguin said...

Once again the game was not broadcast here. But we did have to see the game in Philly (yep, gotta get it in before the hurricane hits).

It's raining... and we got off of school today why?????

Take care!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Remember to skip a few stitches to make it not get wavy. I have made a few, long time ago.

Love the photos!!!