Sunday, October 21, 2012

Squishy surprise! and some hunting seats...

Oh Angela, Angela, Angela!  THIS was the package of goodies I received in the mail on Tuesday;  completely by surprise(!) with a note from Angela saying, "I thought you could use these with your Midgets."  So, yesterday morning, I dug into the fabrics for Midget #35:  stay tuned on Tuesday.

A friend needed some dear-stand seats redone, so he contacted me to see if I could "work some magic."
This one pictured wasn't the worst of 'em; the worst was literally only the 3 straps held together by some completely tattered pieces of black fabric;  no stuffing left what-so-ever!

After a day's worth of trimming, measuring, sewing..... I think they turned out pretty A-OK.

Thankfully, the friend also approved!  He is "extremely happy" with the results!

So...Sunday.  Most of the laundry was finished yesterday.  We have the in-laws visiting us.  (They arrived yesterday around 1:30PM).  The muffins are done.  I think.... Mother-in-Law and I are going to head downstairs so she can see EM in action.

Happy Sunday.


scraphappy said...

Dear stand cushions, who would have thought? They look quite professional to me. Looking forward to seeing your midget block on Tuesday.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Great job on the seat redos. Don't you love surprises?! Looks like a few midgets will be coming our way shortly. Have fun showing MIL EM. Can't wait to see what you two make with her today.