Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rainbow Scraps and Embroidery

"Brown, Brown, Brown"  -Professor Higgins
October is Brown month in Angela's 2012 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  A string block was pieced up...

...and added to the design wall of random projects.  

EM had some work to do today;  some towels for an upcoming wedding gift.  I still need to add the Family name to the dish towels.

Clara is the little girl of the lady getting married at the end of the month;  I couldn't leave her out of the gift-receiving :)

EM also did some other projects, but they are in the dryer right now;  I embroidered my name on a hoodie of mine;  just playing and trying things out.  Lesson learned:  turn the name upside-down, so that when the hoodie is down, it's right-side up.  

 You know what everyone else was doing while I was sewing and doing up the laundry???
I think the girls' friends are going to stop coming over.  Every time someone visits, we Paul puts them to work.  Pictured here....Katrina (in the fuzzy bear hat).... is helping out with the potatoes.

A visitor just knocked on the door.... so I'm off for now.  

Happy Saturday.


Patchwork Penguin said...

Mittens and a winter hat already???!!! It's only supposed to be up in the 40s today, which is unusual for around here.

Hope you get some more sewing time in today!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Oh you are having sooo much fun. With the pics with the hats and mittens, I am thinking your going to be buried in snow this winter. I hope you stock up on projects to keep you busy till spring time..... Wish it would snow here!

scraphappy said...

Your design wall is so happy today! Looks like EM is keeping you busy.