Monday, October 15, 2012

Tiny Tuesday #34: Rocky Glen

Midget block #34 tackled (and posted just a wee bit early)
Hmm....looks wrong, you say??

Well....that's what I thought too.
So, I checked and rechecked the "units" to find out where my mistake was.

You see that I have the 4-unit correct, right? (pictured 2nd from left)

It turns out---it wasn't exactly my mistake. 
It doesn't matter how you "rotate" that "unit" ain't gonna match the final block :\

This was an excellent reminder to look through and check out patterns on your own;  sometimes mistakes are made in published patterns.  Oh well.  In the big "finished" picture.....**shrug**.... It is what it is.


Andee said...

LOL..I hear ya "it is what it is" we just gotta deal with it!

Deb said...

Yes, that one was confusing. I had to do mine twice.