Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sewing on a school night!

I haven't been down in the sewing room for over a week---wowsers!  But today after school, I was able to completely catch up with my grading... and the girls rode the bus home... so all the Homework and chores and dinner were completed at a decent time.  SO..... I worked on some feedsack towels I bought last week.  Our set is getting quite tattered;  I suppose after 14 years of marriage and use, it's time to replace them!
I'm not much of a "cow" person---or any kind of theme, for that matter.  But these guys were cute....and FREE.

All the while EM was working away, I tinkered around with some the Hawaii Sunset units to piece together the first block.  

But now that EM is's time to get to bed.  I started down here at 8:00 with intentions of ONLY putting in one hour's worth of sewing.


Happy Almost-Friday.


Amanda said...

You're certainly getting some good use out of your new toy. What are feedsack towels?

scraphappy said...

Sewing on a school night! You go girl! Loving Hawaii Sunset so far.

Andee said...

So glad someone is getting in some sewing time! I came home from work and went straight to bed...tried to sleep off the mood I was in. It helped, but back at work at 6 AM...can't wait for the weekend. Love your block!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Love the towels! I am getting ready to finish mine that I dyed over the summer time. Need to get back in the sewing room........soon!!! I have a friend bringing me a book later today that I need to make hubbies quilt, so I WILL be spending time in my room so I can see if I can start and finish this quilt in less than 2 weeks. Means I have to get the one quilted that is sitting there to, to get it out of the way. I feel so left out that I am not making Hawaiian Sunset with everyone else. But I will get over it. Now if Angela does the Dear Jane in rainbow colors...........I am all in. I have been collecting fabrics for this one for a few years now.

Candace said...

Cute embroideries and awesome block.