Saturday, October 27, 2012

Orca Bay and Hawaii Sunset; two colorful quilts!

After about three hours of quilting, I was ready to give it a rest with about half of it complete.  It's at least up, off the floor now.

So then I broke open Ann Marie's package!  WOW!!!!!  LOVE LOVE these colors!

And the back!  Super awesome rotational symmetry!  Oh Ann Marie;  you and I have so much in common.    I tried out some threads and decided on a stand-by blendable taupe color.....

...but I only had a little bit left on my last spool.  Naturally, I had to stop everything, and take a quick trip up to the quiltshop!

And, of COURSE, more than just a backup spool of thread was purchased!
I figured, after making two green/purple/orange quilts lately, I had to replenish the dents in the stash.  Gosh, I love these three colors together!!!!

Once back home, I was no longer "feeling" my quilting frame, so Andee's package was opened straight away :)  Fun, fun, fun Hawaii Sunset units!  {{And DOGGIE TREATS for Shadow!!! Awwww.}}

Since Bonnie was on quiltcam, I sat and joined her for a couple hours of sewing.

All of Andee's 9-patches received hugs by some inner borders...

and then a couple of a few blocks were pieced.  My favorite 9-patch:  the white one in the upper left corner, with the mustard center!  LOVE LOVE that little touch of a 3rd color in the 9-patch!

My Rainbow Strings were rearranged to the upper area of the design wall;  every month was completed except for the "neutral" month.  That string block may still happen;  either that or maybe I'll do something stringy with neutrals for sashing units.

Candace swiped the camera to take some pictures of all the activity outside today.  The sun was brilliant, yet still a very chilly day!  Low 40s (??)

Last weekend, Paul added some bells to the goats' collars.  Goodness golly, they are a hilarious duo!  They just come-a-runnin' whenever anyone heads outside.  If the girls simply crack open the door to peek out, they try to nudge and head-butt their way inside.

And Paul....?  I'm not really sure if he was cleaning or making a mess!  It's that time of year when he (I would say 'we,' but we all know that's not extremely truthful) tidies up the yard and garage to prepare everything for the winter season.  He worked on organizing and storing the potatoes into the root cellar, among other things.

Golly!  7:26 PM!  Where did the day go?
The girls and I are sitting with a movie;  nothing else much planned for tonight.


scraphappy said...

Looks like a pretty good day at the farm. Beautiful new fabrics! Such a shame you ran out of thread:) Can't wait to see which project you choose to work on tomorrow. So many fun choices.

Andee said...

Fabulous! I am glad you like that one with the cheddar in it, I think I had to make due and you and I each got one like that. :) This quilt is always going to remind me of you and Andra and even of Jo who got me started on this bucket list quilt. Was great to see your Hawaii Sunset coming along, I think I am going to cut some "hugs" for the nine patches! Just what I needed, since I am mostly looking around thinking..what is next!

Amanda said...

Love your Orca Bay, brilliant colours and your Hawaii Sunset is going to look sensational. Your goats sound like great characters to have around. Christopher started tidying out one of our garages yesterday so that we can start to put the car away now that winter is fast approaching.

* said...

So many colorful projects and yet still time for family. Great!

Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing some good closeups of Orca Bay when you are finished. I am quilting mine (slowly) as well on my viking. It is a beast to push through even with the large throat size. I am starting out with some straight lines in a diagonal grid pattern and then will see what to do after that.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Oh yes, we do have a lot in common. I had to do something weird on the back to make it fit, because I was about 12 inches short of that wild and crazy blue. I just started making crazy things and put them all together. Glad you like it. Can't wait to see the magic you do to it. Glad I could help in you going to the quilt shop too. :D Did you see that last pile of fabric I got in the mail, it was all orange, green and purple with a little black, white and gray too.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Now do the colors of Bonnie's new mystery look familiar???