Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kaleidoscope done; Laker Ripple progress [crochet]

It grew and grew, and finally finished (?) at 65 motifs.  Kaleidoscope Afghan.
And Candace approves :)  The final tail was weaved in at 9AM. 

I then had complete intentions of spending the rest of my Sunday downstairs in the sewing room in order to prepare and tidy for the up-coming Bonnie Mystery, but....

I wasn't feeling it.

I pulled out the Laker Ripple in hopes to make some serious progress on it SO THAT when Bonnie's mystery does finally arrive, I can devote all my time/attention to it :)


the Hallmark channel played ALL DAY Sunday.  7AM until 9PM.
{{I only needed a few kleenexes!}}


Andee said...

Your crochet is really coming along--looks like a pro made those! I LOVE the granny flowers afagan and have added that to my do list. Living here in AZ I really have no more need of that than I do quilts, but what the heck! I LOVE IT! So glad you will be playing along on Celtic Solstice!

Deb A said...

You are on a roll! I really need to pull out that baby blanket and see how many more rows I need before I can finish it off. Thanks for the reminder!
Are you going with Bonnie's colors for the mystery or some of your own choosing?

Kevin the Quilter said...

You are a crocheting machine! I still haven't a clue how you get so much accomplished crocheting! You BETTER get ready for Bonnie's mystery! It's on!

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