Saturday, November 30, 2013

Celtic Solstice - Part 1 [Bonnie Mystery]

Arriving home last night (at 8:30PM), I really had intentions of heading downstairs, but unpacking HAD to be done first!
Part of unpacking was to start laundry, stash away some Christmas presents before little eyes would see them, and then to assemble my new (much needed!) vacuum!

Candace and Caitlyn were my helpers putting it together.  And truly, the best part... once it was working, they started to FIGHT about who could vacuum the larger loft area versus the smaller bedroom floor.  

At 10:30, I headed to bed with orders that they needed to stop cleaning by 11:00.  P.M.  
I honestly don't even know when they finally slept, cuz I. was. tired!

But this AM, 5:00.... up and at 'em.  By 6:00, I was downstairs, raring to go :)

My iPhone doesn't take the best pictures;  my oranges look pink and yellow in this picture.  I've had one lil' strip of halloween fabric that I have contemplated over and over on other "orange" quilts whether to include it or not.  I finally DID!  Whoa me! :D

I've adopted Bonnie's quick pressing method as well.  It really DOES speedify up the process of pressing!  And yes, I press!  I know there are some who finger-press;  but that's not adequate for me.  Every since I started pressing (with a spray bottle next to me), I have been impressed with the better quality of piecing.  It's a no-brainer for me.  Besides, my basement room is COLD.  Being able to lay my hands on top of the fabrics directly after pressing them warms them up nicely...and it feels warmy toasty good.

Step 1 - complete.

Now what?!?!?!?

I tidies my Leader/Ender section.  These are the Omigosh units where each lil' square finishes at 0.5" I have 110 9-patches done (I need 500+)... and I have 120 4-patches done (I need 400+).  And of course, I had to get a taste of how some of the blocks would look together.  That block measures 4.5" FINISHED!  Yes....Omigosh is a VERY appropriate name :)

Then I pulled out my Christmas Goose blocks to see what I needed to do to pick up where I left off.

And this is as far as I got before breaking for the night to watch Monsters University with the girls.
Cassie has some friends over for the day for a little birthday celebration.  A little Just Dance 2014...

... and some bingo after an hour in the hot tub.  We are all surviving nicely.  Any wages on when they'll fall asleep??!?!  Midnight?  1 AM?  

I guess this sign from shopping yesterday rings true today :)

And speaking of Mom.....  My sister (and all of us!) enjoyed spending some time over the holidy with the newest bundle of joy to grace our extended family.....

Coco  (a chiweenie)
Soooo adorable and tiny!

Happy Saturday everyone!  Hopefully Celtic Solstice is treating you all nicely 


Andra Gayle said...

Good job! Makes me want to join in but I AM NOT going to!

Kevin the Quilter said...

I finished clue #1 today too! Yippee! So glad you didn't press your hands! ;-) Coco the chiweenie is ADORABLE!

Amanda said...

I watched Monsters University on the plane journeys to St Lucia and back - half there, half back because the headphones hurt my ears! It looks as if your sewing motivation has returned.

Quilter Kathy said...

I hope to work more on step #1 today. You are fast girl! Enjoyed seeing your Omigosh since I have just started mine.

scraphappy said...

Looks like you are back in a quilting groove. Woohoo! You will have all your UFOs crossed off by the time the mystery is done if you keep going at this rate! Still one more day to play.

Andee said...

I think that orange looks great! Goose blocks..I need to make that one too (LOL!). You can link up over at Jo's Country Junction and show progress on a Bonnie quilt if you haven't already! Love the vacuum fight!

Candace said...

Your girls sound like they are taking after their Mama, little workers. I love the colors you've got going on your Celtic Solstice, and I've only finished 20, so you are inspiring me to get busy. Oh my gosh, is right, along with yikes and wow. You got me with the 'baby' picture, I was surprised to see the cute little puppy face, lol.

norma v said...

i am way behind on step one and wasn't feeling too bad til you reminded my i have my omigosh quilt to finish also...oh, well! lol!

Heather said...

I didn't know about that quick press method until I read your post...I am totally doing that for the remainder of this mystery quilt!

Libby Smith said...

Your units are looking great! It pays to analyze what gives you good results. BTW my Mom was an advocate of Happy Kids. She knew the sun would come up tomorrow whether she dusted or not. Sounds like you've got that mastered.