Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rhilei's quilt "Confetti Happiness" - done

Confetti Happiness - for Rhilei (48" x 48")
Yay.  Despite being fairly wiped out after coming home yesterday afternoon from a day of crazy chaos at school, I whipped up a simple dinner of hot dogs and crescents, and then headed downstairs.  My iphone was earbudded up, I set it to some of my favorite songs, and BAM... my mood was lifted.  And then BAM; an hour later, I was preparing the binding and label.

The quilt is safely bagged and boxed up for a special delivery when we head out of town later this morning.  
Some odds-n-ends need to be taken care of before we head out;  a few loads of laundry; a short shopping trip for some basics (dog food, toilet paper, filter for humidifier) :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Deb A said...

Wow - you are very speedy when you put your mind to getting something done. What a cute little quilt and another UFO is off the list. Have a wonderful holiday. (Don't you love the quick meals that the kids love - we did kielbassa and kraft mac n cheese last week just so I could get sick kids to eat something!)

Andee said...

Love it, whoot whoot!