Monday, November 25, 2013

Off the frame - Wafer Cookies

After brewing on the quilting frame since June, it was time to finally put the final quilting stitches into Wafer Cookies.  I didn't take the time to measure it once trimmed up; that'll be done once I take final pictures of it, binding attached.

I can't recall how many bobbins I used.  I have no idea how long the quilting actually took, but... 6 months on the frame is most definitely a new record.  [[hanging head]].

There was a reason for the push to finally get it done though.
As I was mindlessly cutting and organizing my sewing room last night, I started thinking about my friend who had requested a crib quilt to be made a few week's back, only to pull back his request a few days later after his family ran into a bit of a financial headache in the form of car trouble.  Ughers.

I had already started piecing the top... the fabrics are cute!, and the pattern was a piece of cake!

Why let it sit and ferment, right?!?!!?  Really - what would I do with another quilt top, waiting away the weeks/months/YEARS!?!?
The dear lil' girl it is meant for has already had a tough go of it all.  And the fact that my friend and his wife have taken in this lil' angel, earning guardianship for her, trying to give her a better life-----It's a NO BRAINER!  
An hour of quilting tonight, and I'm halfway done.  Tomorrow night will be the final push to finish it up in order to sneak it by their house and place it on their doorstep on Wednesday on my way down to my parent's for Thanksgiving.  You bet'cha.  Makes my heart happy :)

Happy Monday!


Amanda said...

What a lovely idea. And the perfect time of year to be generous too.

Andee said...

AWESOME! Both are looking great!

the ark said...

Everyone could use more friends like YOU!
Have a great holiday!

Quilting with Jannette said...

I love giving "sneaky" presents like that too - and thanks for doing that for Rhilei and her new family!