Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fighting with laziness

Okay...the final layout has been chosen after some unsewing (I already had 4 diagonal rows sewn on-point). I really am impressed MORE with the straight layout instead of the on-point. I love the way an "irish-chain-like" appearance happens when the blocks are set straight.

And, of course, I had left-over half-album blocks that needed a project, so after unsewing SOME of them, I whipped out 5 more complete step #5 Orange blocks---I needed one additional complete block for my Full layout and 4 others for this wall-hanging.
It was a good thing we had left over blocks from step #2--I only needed to cut 5 blue squares, and I was sewing away already on the additional 5 blocks.
The wall hanging is set on-point, obviously. The final quilt and wall layout leaves me very few left overs to be dealt with. In fact, going from memory, I think I only have those little corner do-jabbies from step #3. And I ripped out a handful of the little blue triangles that were used in the half-albums. All-in-all, the quilt is still a good size, but a much more pleasing arrangement for me.

I ALMOST have the Full quilt pieced together, but I'm tired! I'm really fighting the laziness right now. I ran this morning, so that is adding to my tiredness, I think. I was tired BEFORE the run, and because of that, I stopped after 2 miles, when I had intentions of almost 5 miles with some areobic intervals. Oh well---maybe later tonight.
Back to the OC----I still am in no hurry, so I will play around with my left-over #2 blocks for a border. Maybe not a border for the Full quilt, but definately for the wall-hanging.

On a new note---Cathy from the QuiltvilleChat is organizing (sorta) a Boxy Stars quilt-along. Her start date is planned for July 1st, so I figured I'd quilt along with anyone else interested. Right now, my intentions are to use the men's plaids that I've been collecting at garage sales this Spring.


scraphappy said...

Your laziness looks a lot like my relaxation:) I like the way the OC straight set is coming together. You are so industrious in making all of the bits and pieces come together. You have such an organized mind compared to mine. I thought I had used all the extra star blocks in a pillow sham and found two more "hiding" on the ironing board. I'm sure they will all find a home somewhere. Maybe I'll start saving now for an orphan block train.

Candace said...

It's looking good. I keep changing my mind, but I think I'm going to make the straight setting also. Lazy would never be a word that would come to mind to describe you.

Kay said...

You're a talented quilter, too? Wow! Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I also admire the fact that you are so athletic. Sigh... I really must get more exercise in. Perhaps seeing you do it will motivate me. :-)

Amanda said...

It's interesting isn't it how many of us prefer the straight setting? I hope Bonnie isn't upset. I like your little wall hanging too. I'm going down much the same route I think, though I used some of my blocks up in practice pieces, so I don't have so many to play with. Go with the tiredness, don't fight it. that's what the holidays are for. It's called RELAXATION!!!

Lori said...

I like your setting too.

In my opinion, the laziness you refer to is your body trying to tell you " I am tired. Slow down."
There is something to be said for that Mind and body connection.
Take care.

Carol said...

Love your quilt!