Sunday, June 22, 2008

You might be a redneck if..... use DUCT TAPE on your finger to protect it while sewing!!!

Do you THINK I could find a thimble this afternoon??? Good golly! I wanted to finish up the binding on the last side of the quilt; and I can officially cross Cassie's 30's off my WIP/UFO list :0) The duct tape took the "edge" off the pain in my forefinger. My skin sure isn't accustomed to working with a needle for so long!

But regardless, the quilt is done. Wooo-hoooo. (And JUST in time for bed tonight!--the last stitch was sewn at 8:20, and by 8:30 all were up to bed....)

The quilt definitely isn't big enough for her queen size bed, but.....*shrug*......she still loved it.

Anyway, I spent some of the weekend downstairs with the new machine. My in-laws came up for the weekend, so I showed my MIL the machine yesterday afternoon and let her "play" for awhile. In the meantime, I organized up some of my scraps (YES----STILL ORGANIZING and cleaning!!! Is there EVER going to be an end?!?!?)

We also went to the LQS to purchase two more fabrics for a quilt that I'll be making for a friend of the family who is celebrating her 60th birthday at the end of August. Naturally, I needed to inform our LQS owner about the new machine :0) She's so great! Also, there was a quilt hanging on display with some kits under it, but no "pattern only" package, but she shared this website with me: Red Rooster (Jill Kemp) ---the pattern I was looking at is: "It's the Berries", and it's downloadable from this site. Trust me---the LAST thing I need right now is a new project, but I'll print it out and keep it in mind. It would be a way to burn up a lot of the "flowery" small prints from my Grandmother.

*chuckle* Having JUST said "the last thing I need is a new project....."
......Today, I did a no-no! I started a new project!!!! Eeee-gats! But it's SUCH a cute bag---and I have NEVER made a project other than a quilt or table-runner, so I was in the mood to try something new. I downloaded it from Lazy Days Bag. I had some bright fabric nicely ironed and folded from my week of organizing, so I was excited to start. I have put about 4 hours into it, and have the front and back pieced (sorry, no pics tonight), and OMG! The pieces are sooooooo small! I hope to wrap that up tomorrow, which should be possible, because I don't have much on the agenda :0)

I didn't run yesterday (BAD ME!), but I did get out this afternoon for a 3-miler (GOOD, but yet BAD me!). It should have been 6 miles, but......I SWEAR the clouds decided to part and disappear as SOON as I started running! The sun was too much, along with the head-wind on the way back. So----I will plan (and hopefully carry out this plan) to run 6 miles tomorrow with Candace after dropping Cass and Caitlyn off at summer school. Hmmm......I wonder what "educational" video I can pack tomorrow that last about 70 minutes??!?!? (and I will NOT feel guilty about it, either.....)

So, after some time outside it was time for baths and relaxing before bedtime. The Emperor's New Groove was playing on Disney, so we watched it and headed to bed by 8:30. The stories of choice were: "Barnyard Animals" for Candace; "The Icky Sticky Fly? Frog?" (something like that) for Caitlyn; and "Don't be a bully" for Cassie. (she and I took turns reading a page at a time.)

And yes...those are popsicles that Candace and Caitlyn are "eating." Is that a bad thing right before bedtime??? *shrug*


Amanda said...

Your 30s quilt looks lovely, really fresh and clean, a perfect bed quilt. Hooray for a finish! Organising and cleaning is like painting the Forth Bridge - no sooner do you finish one bit than another needs doing. Life intervenes. I've been looking at loads of bag patterns recently, I just have a fancy to make some. Creative, but small and soon finished. Hope you manage to run before it gets too hot today.

scraphappy said...

I just love your 1930's quilt. Especially the way you stippled in the background, but used different patterns in the main design areas, it really helps the design stand out. Can't wait to see pictures of your new bag. Starting a new project isn't so bad when you have just finished an old one, especially if it gets finished right away. Then you avoid having to add another item to the list.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Fantastic ...congratulations the quilt is the tape on the finger....

Rhonda said...

Gotta love the duct tape!
The quilt is beautiful! Congrats with your second finish... you're on a roll! :o)