Wednesday, June 11, 2008

OC Quilt and Wall-Hanging Tops DONE

Done, Done, Done! I hit my "creative" flow last night at 7:30, and sewed, sewed, sewed. As the picture shows, I DID decide to use my left over #2 blocks for the border. I needed to put together 52 more in order to have the completed border---I didn't mind making them one bit. I was in "sew-mode" last night! I think I'll be gifting this one to my oldest daughter, Cassie. She has a queen size bed (allll to herself), and doesn't have a quilt for it.

This wallhanging is what I'm even MORE proud of. I needed to sew four more complete Orange Album blocks---that didn't take too long, though. I wanted to use of ALLLLLLL of my "left-over" pieces since I didn't use the on-point setting for the quilt. So, I tinkered with arrangements of those little corner blocky things from step #3, and found a way to arrange them in the border. Yay me :0) An additional 16 needed to be put together, but again---not a big deal. 30 minutes later, they were done. I also added four blue corners to the border to make it complete :0) I'm very pleased, and the colors are FUN, BRIGHT, and EXCITING!

So, today came the time to play with some block designs for the 6.5" "Creamsicle Thank You block" for Bonnie. I created these two and will be sending both her way. I'm also going to go through my stash for the perfect fat-quarter to include in the package. It realllllllly is the least I (we) could do.

I hope all of your OC's are coming along nicely as well.

So, for the next week, I have a few goals:

  • Finish Cassie's 30's quilt (might NO LONGER be hers now that OC will be hers)
  • Sandwich and quilt OC Full quilt
  • Sandwich and quilt OC Wall-hanging

These goals MUST be completed BEFORE I start the Boxy Stars or the Chunky Churndash quilt-alongs that some ladies are taking part in at Quiltville-Chat.


Amanda said...

Crikeeeee Amy! Your rest yesterday seems to have done you a power of good. Your quilt and wall hanging are great - I particularly love your little double border with corner stones in the quilt, it really ties it all together well. I shall have to examine it more carefully to work out how you used the big triangles. Well done you.

Candace said...

Wow, not only must you have been a quilting dynamo yesterday, but both quilts are wonderful. I am very very impressed and I'll bet that your daughter will love hers. Does she know it's for her yet. If so, you may have to finish it quick if she is like some of my grandkids. They become obsessed. And, the blocks for Bonnie are great, too.

Carol said...


Rhonda said...

WOW!! Love your OCs! I'm having so much fun looking at everyone's OC quilts. It's amazing how much different all the quilts came out depending on the colors and the settings.
I really like your green border!

Kathy Wagner said...

Great OC quilt!
I hope to catch up this weekend.

Andee said...

Love that lime green with Orange! I am sure I saw pictures of it on Quiltville, but love it all over again. I really want to make this one again...and mine will have some lime!