Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crazy morning and NASTY weather!

UGH! Bad weather moved in late last night--several tornados all the way from Kansas area all the way up to us in Wisconsin. The short version: I woke at 1:50 with a HUGE clap of thunder; and ABSOLUTELY could not get back to sleep---the wind was howling something FIERCE! The house was creaking, swaying, and all the scary stuff that goes along with gusty winds! I was up out of bed by 2:05, and THANKFULLY DH awoke with my movement. He and I searched radio station after radio station, but no live DJ's on with up-to-minute weather. We tried the TV, but satellite was out. He then came up with the BRILLIANT idea to try online. Thankfully, phone lines were good-to-go, so we kept an eye on the motion-radar for the next 30 minutes or so. Finally, around 3:20, it appeared that the worst was beyond us, so we ventured back to bed. That was the worst weather we've had in a LONG time. Just too scary for me---really. I was scared for the girls whose rooms are all on the upper level of our "loft-cabin-style" house. I ALMOST went up at one point to grab them and head to the basement. I really should have----I'm just thankful things turned out okay.
Unfortunately, this wasn't the case for some towns along the entire line of storms. I can't even imagine what it must be like to go through a clean-up after a storm!

So, with very little sleep, I was up a bit earlier than normal because I needed to get all under way in order to get to my 8:30 dentist appt. So, the plan was to drop the kids off early at summer school. (8:00 instead of 8:30.) After dropping them off, I needed to take a quick stop at my school-year daycare lady to drop of the littlest one; and then I was to be off for the dentist.

Yeah, well.....with the storm, power was out all OVER the place. (except us---we missed that one.)
BUT, when I pulled into the school parking lot, the Head-lady was outside informing us school needed to be cancelled today because of a power outage! Aghhhhh! Panic mode! 30 minutes to appt time---what to do? what to do? So, I at least headed off to the daycare and crossed my fingers that she had 2 additional openings to cover the older girls.
Pulled into the driveway, and my lovely lady was on the walkway, escorting another mom and child out to the car. SHE WAS CLOSED! AGHHHHH! She didn't have power, either, so we was closing for the day! Oh Dear!!!! 23 minutes to appt---what to do---what to do. I could call babysitter, but she starts her summer job at 9:00, so she wouldn't be available. So THANKFULLY I remembered my cell phone today (I have a BAD habit of forgetting it on the counter at home), and I called DH. Some little angel was at least prepared for this fiasco today, because he was still at home. He works construction, so the crew was going to postpone the start time today until NOON! Heaven bless me! So....back off to home I went.....dropped off the girls, took out the car seats because DH had some errands to run for work, and off to the dentist with 10 minutes to go until appt. At 8:32, I pulled into the Dentist's parking lot------whew!

The appt didn't go too bad. I absolutely HATE the dentist. I had terrible "luck" with them as a child---cavities, cavities, cavities! And, ever since the one time way back when, when I wasn't quite "numb" enough and the drill caught a nerve....(SHUDDERING at the memory), I have been VERY apprehensive when that blasted drill starts whizzing away! ICK! UGH! OW! But, I've had a new dentist since last summer, and he is SOOOOO nice, friendly, and explains EVERYTHING as he's working. PLUS, his office is so high-tech---we can listen to music via Syrus (sp?) satellite radio---any station of my choice--while he's working. Today, a temporary crown was put in place; molds taken of my teeth, and I'll be back in 3 weeks to get my permanent crown. The plan for next summer: (SHUDDDDDDER AGAIN)----wisdom teeth need to some out. ICK! UGH! OW! Too many nightmare stories heard about THAT ordeal!!!!! (sigh)

So, now I'm home---DH just got back and brought me lunch, so I'm off to eat with a still-numb-mouth.
Then, I'm anticipating an afternoon of ironing and sewing.


Amanda said...

Oh Amy, what a day. I've just read about your storm to my husband and he was as fascinated as I was (is that quite the right word!!) - I don't think he's ever understood why blogging is so great until then. I do hope you didn't get any storm damage yourselves. Is this sort of weather common in Wisconsin. I so well remember the Great Hurricane 0f 1987 (the only one we've ever had) and the palaver after that. Sympathies on the dentist. I'm going through exactly the same treatment - crowns etc - only a week or so ahead of you. Permanent stuff on Monday, then on to the next round of treatment. I could wax lyrical about my dental experiences but you can probably imagine them.

Candace said...

Boy, Amy, what a scary experience, glad it all turned out ok. Mother Nature is so awesome, and man seems pretty puny in comparison. Then, to go through all that you had to go through to even get to the dentist, good thing your husband was having a late morning, but I'll bet your dentist would have understood if you had to reschedule. At least, pretty soon the dentist will be behind you for awhile. I had a wisdom tooth out a few years ago, and really had been dreading it as it was growing into the tooth beside it. The dentist gave 1 little pull, I thought he was just getting started, and it was over. I hope you get some relaxing time today, sounds like you deserve it.

scraphappy said...

Whew! Where to start. First I LOVE LOVE LOVE the finished OC quilt. I had decided to do plain borders, but seeing yours has made me rethink that. The border really does add a lot, especially with the plain strip between. The wall hanging is adorable, and such a great way to avoid leftovers.
I did the whole dentist thing two years ago with an implant, a reworked root canal and the crowns to go with both. The best I can say about the experience is that I was glad to have it behind me!
The weather reports really are scary around there! We have hurricanes here, but we know for days ahead of time that they are coming. We have time to get prepared, or even leave town if it looks bad enough. No such luck with tornadoes. Rushing to the basement is usually as much time as there is. I'm glad you weren't hit by anything serious. Next time you should get an emergency radio, we have one in our hurricane kit and it has come in handy.

Lori said...

Today must have been "Dentist Day"
I went for a cleaning this AM.I had a mini anxiety attack (heart racing)prior.All that pokin with that pointy thing....Lots of deep breathin and thinking about the beach...
I am Happy you are safe.

Thanks for your help with hyperlinking :)