Thursday, June 19, 2008


On the quilting front
The week has been rather quiet when it comes to quilting. As stated earlier, my goal this week was to clean up my sewing area; ironing fabrics, folding fabrics, cutting/organzing scraps. It's down-right DAUNTING!!!! I am awaiting a phone call today from the shop owner I purchased my 440QE from because she is going to let me know when my UPS buddy expects my package to arrive. I'm still waiting patiently---LOTS to do downstairs yet. My head is SPINNING with the to-dos, as well as all the new ideas whirling in my head as I've been folding fabrics. In fact, I created three stacks of coordinated fabrics that will probably be made into a quilt. (pics to come later) It's amazing what gems I'm finding from Grandma's stash that I didn't know was even there.

On the running front
I know I've been using the word "discipline" a lot lately in terms of researching for my sewing machine, however this word is VERY fitting for my running life, too! I have not yet reached the "I feel so great I want to run" mood yet----it is plain discipline that it keeping my feet on the pavement. I have a training plan all typed up, which is helping me stay disciplined in my running. Tuesday morning was to be a 5-miler, but Candace had other ideas. Ya see, my daily schedule is as follows:
-drop Cassie(#1) and Caitlyn(#2) off at Summer school at 8:30
-run/walk with Candace for about an hour (Run-Tues and Thur; Walk-Mon and Wed)
-head home and have a morning snack
-keep busy with house cleaning (YEAH RIGHT), sewing, gardening, or other things that "come up."
-pick up #1 and #2 at 2:00.
-hang out for the rest of the day until Dad gets home @5:00
-yada, yada, yada in the evenings......

So, Tuesday morning, Candace was being a "stinker" and didn't want to play along with the schedule----she fought me tooth-n-nail when I put her in the jogging stroller. I finally bribed her with a piece of gum. My training Tues morning called for a 2-mile warm up, 6-7 1:00 aerobic intervals, then a 2-mile cool down. I guess I was CLOSE to meeting it, but by the time I finished the 2-mile warm up, Candace was whining for "home mama," so I turned around, did 6 intervals, and jogged the rest of the way (probably a smidge more than a mile). So.....I didn't even BOTHER trying to walk with her yesterday; I just ran some errands and headed home.

Fortunately, this morning I was able to get in my 4 miles with very little fighting---HOWEVER, this is only because I finally gave-in to the 21st century and packed the portable DVD player for her to watch while I ran. Am I okay with this? Sure.... Am I NOT okay with this? Sure.... For crying out loud, I'm a teacher, so I have some strong feelings about all the technology that is keeping out kids glued to TV screens rather than learning, or playing outside, and the list can go on and on. However, shoot me! It kept her entertained, AND had the added bonus of keeping me distracted from the wandering mentality of "how much longer do I need to run----oh my goodness, you're kidding---I've only run a mile! It seems like it's been 10!"
Besides, I packed Dora the Explorer, so it's not like it was completley pointless. It was actually quite cute seeing her interact with the screen, pointing things out that Dora was asking about.

So, I'm off downstairs to see what progress I can make with the mess-----

10:30 am -- UPDATE on the update: The phone just rang and my machine should be at the house tomorrow!!! Yeah :0)


scraphappy said...

Everyone, from time to time uses crutches. From letting the kids veg in front of the TV to feeding them macaroni and hot dogs for dinner when no one is looking. Don't beat yourself up over it. You needed to run, that helped you get it done. It's not as if you plug in a DVD in the morning and hit the repeat button until dinnertime.

Candace said...

Look at the bright side, Candace was getting fresh air, and you were getting exercise and keeping to your schedule. I'm very excited for you to get your new machine. I'm glad it is almost there.