Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Redneck" defined

I left a comment on Amanda's blog, relating her to a redneck for suggesting of making a decorative quilt hanger out of an ordinary wire hanger. I also called myself a "redneck" the other day for using duct tape to protect my finger while sewing. Amanda wrote an email back to me informing me that she indeed did NOT know what a redneck was....

So....with some time on my hands before work starts, I've done a little research. (via Wikipedia---not the best source, but t'was an okay definition this time)

To sum up most of what Wikipedia states: A Northamerican term for white people of Southern or Appalachian rural poor backgrounds — or more loosely, rural poor to working-class people of rural extraction.

Recent Culture
In recent years, the comedic stylings of Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy have become popular through "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" and "Blue Collar TV" television show and film. Foxworthy's definition of redneck is "a glorious absence of sophistication and it can be part time or full time, but most people are guilty of it at least from time to time."

United Kingdom
The term Redneck is sometimes used in the UK with the same meaning as in the US, but more commonly used, is the term Pikey, originally used to stereotype travelers but more recently it is used to describe working-class white people from rural areas. The type of people that are considered Pikeys often bear similarities to American Rednecks. "Pikey" is sometimes considered offensive, but many now see it as the title of pride.
In Scotland, the term "teuchter" (pronounced chew-ch-ter with the middle 'ch' sounding as the Scottish word loch) is used, mainly pejoratively, by lowlanders in reference to their highland cousins, who they often view as rural or backwards.

Amy's usage (and many others, I believe)
"A way to poke a little harmless fun at others who use innovative, and inexpensive ways to live their lives."

Perfect example----Redneck Horseshoes, right here!!!!
(Is horseshoes a game played in other countries, too? Or just the US?)

Or even better---this is a CLASSIC! Redneck swimming pool!

The fine print: I hope this has not offended anyone----tis merely meant for some giggles and informative to what the stereotype of "Redneck" is in the eyes of this quiet little quilting blogger.


Amanda said...

Hello Amy, now I get you. I don't know the term redneck in English, but I do know the term 'pikey' and it is considered very offensive. I don't know that anyone would use it of themselves. Like so many of these terms it's difficult to define. I think it might be similar to 'trailer trash'? It's fascinating how language evolves and is used, how people develop a collective understanding without ever needing to define what they mean. Thanks for enlightening me though.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Yes----"Trailer Trash" is another similar term to describe RedNecks.....