Monday, October 27, 2008

Enjoying an evening, relaxing--eating apples

*propping up feet*
Well folks----no quilting tonight; no teacher work tonight; I'm just kicking back, tummy full of the wonderful Caramel Apples we made tonight as a fun family project, and I'll be digging into my Quiltmaker magazine I picked up at the grocery store tonight. I am tired and want to just relax----and will hopefully be heading off to bed at 9:00 tonight.

I needed to run to the grocery store tonight to pick up some mints for the State testing our 7, 8, and 10th graders will be taking over the next few days and next week. While there, I came across a bag of caramels and couldn't resist the idea of making some caramel apples, so........ we did :0)

There was plenty of caramel left in the bowl to cut up some apple slices for cleaning it out :0) GOSH! Why is that so good???!?!

Caitlyn didn't care for the caramel (She is NOT my child!!!!), so we simply peeled a plain apple for her to eat while we enjoyed the sticky-yummy-sugary caramel :0) Yes----even MOM enjoyed them!!! (Silly Dad grabbed the camera and shot a pic of me without knowing) :0)

Dad and Candace were goofing around with the silly hat too! My goodness----my DH GUARDS that hat with his life!!! He wears it in the garden all the time! It's QUITE the fashion statement!

Well folks, not many words tonight, but lots of fun family pics. I'm tuning out and off to relax with a quilting magazine.
Happy Monday!


Amanda said...

What a wonderful evening - moments to treasure.

scraphappy said...

Good for you! Those apples look so good. What a perfect family evening. Those are the times that always come up later when you are driving along in the car and someone says, "Mom, do you remember that time when we made caramel apples and all got so sticky and licked the bowl clean? That was so cool."

Julie said...

Cool! Remember I did that with my kids a few weeks ago. We did the same thing with the leftover caramel. Yum, yum, yummy.

Lori said...

I love carmel apples! I hope you found your next project.