Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Out of this World" done---onto the next one...

Finishing up Andre's quilt came to be quite easy. It was a fun, controlled BRIGHT scrappy quilt---twin size. The top will be added to my brother's OTR and Masha's Wonky Nines pile, awaiting when I need to get into a "quiltying frenzy" to finish all of them up. I finished up Andre's early in the evening (well, if 8:30 is considered early----it is when you don't begin until 8:00). And OF COURSE, Derek's Storm at Sea is FOREVER calling at me from its location on the carpet---still awaiting to have all the rows sewn together. *shudder* There is just SOMETHING about it that has become a nagging child pulling on my pants leg and I keep putting it off until I "feel like working on it." I KNOW that time WILL come----I will be patient.

So, I figured I'd take a little time to piece together some of my leader-ender square-strips that had been collecting and growing in the basket on my table. I was AMAZED to see I already had enough to complete 6 entire 6x6 blocks for my Scrappy Irish Chain. Slowly but surely I think this baby will get completed so it can be donated to my mother's church for Christmas.

Finally, since those blocks didn't take too long to piece, I figured I might as well jump right in to the next quilt on my C'mas list. I'd been searching and searching for the "right" pattern, and I STILL don't know if it's the right one,'ll have to do! Isaac's My Blue Heaven was begun tonight, having completed 3 (of 20) blocks. These blocks go together rather quickly, and the quilt will too since these babies are 12 inches!!! I have been setting aside my blues, knowing I was going to use them for Isaac, and I was finally able to find a PERFECT opportunity to use up the basketball and baseball "starry" remnants I had from making Zach's quilt last C'mas.

However, alas, it tis time to hit the hay.
*chuckle*...nothing like using Shakespearien terms along with some slang redneck terms :0)

Happy Friday (ALMOST!)


Julie said...

You've gotten so much done. Good for you!! Keep after that Storm at Sea, it will be done a little at a time.

Amanda said...

Everything must have settled down at school now, since you're back to so much sewing. My leader/ender project is much more scrappy, I'm just using six inch strings and piecing them together, using ideas from Gwen Marston's Liberated Strings book. Hey nonny, 'tis time to rise and greet the day!

scraphappy said...

You are getting so much done, it makes me long to be at home with my sewing machine so that you could motivate me to do some power sewing. Your Christmas list seemed ambitious, but at the rate you are powering through it all you will have time to spare. Everything is looking wonderful. Don't worry about the Storm at Sea -- until you are out of floor space it can wait patiently. What a treat to have so much dedicated space.