Sunday, October 12, 2008

Relaxin' with some quilting

This afternoon after arriving home and updating the blog with the marathon results, I decided to head downstairs to see what I could get done while actually having some energy. I actually didn't mind tackling sewing Dereks' Storm at Sea rows together. All the rows are now sewn individually, and I was able to sew a couple of the rows together before needing to come up to make some dinner.

After dinner, I headed back downstairs to rearrange the carpet area. I lost interest in Derek's quilt for the moment, so I wanted to lay out Andre's Out of this World blocks. I also was able to sew all of his rows together (after snapping this shot) before heading up here to update the blog. DH is breathing down my neck for me to get my biscuits to bed!

I thought I'd share some comments and a pic from Keri (pictured right) about her's and Pam's Half-marathon
here we are! we made it-- 1:57 and still smiling :) we made our second annual debut with great buddy gene harrington and joined up with his son andy and our superior friends around 8am. a beautiful day to run, tho, as amy said the trail was a bit soft from all the rain making for extra leg work. pam and i used a whole bunch of energy leaping back and forth during the first 3 mile shake out; we underestimated and started way too far back. after a bathroom break at mile 3 we were on our way for the rest of the morning. we were so surprised and so happy to see jill, megan and leo at mile...where was that?? we got so excited by the surprise that we used up all of our reserve jumping and squealing with excitement. SO SO worth it. how did they know we needed them right then and there??

we were both welcomed into the finish by our boys and stuck around for amy until it started to rain. we were so close to seeing you come in amy!! great job on the run--so glad casey got to greet you :)

I responded back to her with....:
HEY---have you ever noticed "backgrounds" in pics you've taken????

How 'bout that half-naked hottie to the left background of Pam!?!?!?!?

GREAT JOB! 1:57 EVEN after burning up your energy hoopin'-n-hollarin'
How are the legs today?? Seriously, if my toe wasn't so sore, I actually COULD manage an EZ 3 miler right now :0) It took awhile for my stomach to settle down and stop crampin (it seems ANY mileage over 10 makes my innerds jumble up and cramp) :0(

Thanks for the effort of hangin around. The rain hit me just before mile 20---another lady who played "tortoise and hare" with me for a mile was currently in front of me, looking up, wondering the same thing I was----"where in the HECK is the rain coming from?" Seriously---I didn't see cloud in the sky. As I passed her, I asked her that exact thought, she just laughed and said it might not be all that bad to wash away the stinky sweat from her body. At least she was still able to chuckle at that point of the race.

And her final response this evening:
okay, so i had to go back and look at the photo--dude! i remember his shorts! and, there was a lady running the full--that i laughed with pam about--who had the SAME shorts! perhaps they're married?? or, just both happen to have, e-hemmm, really good taste :)
i was just glad to see that we both look like we're not in pain but were completely exhausted!

my quads are sore today. every time i go to bend down i am reminded of yesterday. i was spoiled with hot tub jets as bryan and i took the boys to a hotel for the night. we even (humbly) took down every last bite of a LARGE pizza from Coops...followed by a French silk pie from Perkins--thank god there was still a full half left when it was all said and done. i was asleep before 7:30 for the night :) my husband was/is a rockstar....totally took over kids and me. now home and back to reality :)

so sorry about your little toe :( read your blog and saw pics. painful looking....tho, with the weather, you could probably wear sandals tomorrow!

i'll check in tues when i'm back at school :)
get rest!

Just figured there were a good couple of chuckles there worth sharing....

Night all


Lori said...

Thanks for the Monday Am chuckle! I like the quilt!

Candace said...

The shorts remind me of swim trunks DH used to have. Sometimes, he would wear them to play basketball and mortify my kids. It made them stronger though.
Your "out of this world" blocks are so colorful, it's going to be a wonderful quilt.
Congratulations on your Whistlestop Marathon. I can't even imagine the willpower. Pat yourself on the back for me. It sure says something for the human spirit to look at all the smiles at the finish.

Terry said...

I love your "Out of this world" quilt! Then again, I've loved all the quilts I've seen on your blog!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Stunning quilt.