Thursday, October 9, 2008


I am TRYYYYING to stay optimistic and positive, BUT......
I'm gonna ___________ my sister!!!! (I'll let you fill in the blank with what you think should be there---just make sure it isn't pleasant!)

Yes, Jen---if you are reading this....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR to you! *cough-cough*




I saw my sister last weekend---she was "under the weather." MY tickle in the throat started on Tuesday-----the cough came Tuesday night------the lack of energy and achy bones came yesterday.......and today is just a mix of all of it PLUS runny nose and sneezing. *sigh*

I'm STILL trying to be positive though and HOPING that all ickiness goes away tomorrow, leaving me WELL REFRESHED for Saturday's marathon. *crossing fingers* I did run 3 miles last night even though I was lacking energy----I just babied it.

Sewing has been minimal this week, but I did manage to finish all 24 blocks for Andre's Out of this World.

Tonight, Cassie (and about 70 other K-6 graders) were the half-time entertainment for the Varsity football game. Once every year, the HS cheerleaders and advisors "train" the little kids with some cheers and they "shake their booty" for the hometown crowd. The night was actually rather nice----bundling up WAS a necessity, however it was VERY comfortable with no wind. We left right after (8:30pm)---there was NO WAY we were going to be able to stay for the whole thing. Little Candace was STICKY from ear to ear thanks to those overlarge suckers, so we needed to get her into the bath. Cassie wanted to jump in too to warm up. Poor Caitlyn was almost sleep walking on her way up the stairs---she didn't have enough energy to take a bath. She konked out almost immediately. Candace and Cass finally climbed upstairs at 9:45-----thank goodness they don't have "normal school" tomorrow. We can leave the house a little later since the ArtCenter day doesn't begin until 8:30.

Anyway---speaking of getting to bed: almost 10:30 and I need to get to bed too. I'll be back Sunday night to fill you in on the run. Feel free to send me some good vibes mentally on Saturday. Race gun goes off at 9:00 am (8:00 Eastern) and I hope to be crossing the finish line around 1:45 pm (12:45 Eastern). So far, I don't know much about what to expect for the weather. Cool is definite, but I hope the little showers will decide to be patient.

Happy Sewing!

10:43 update
I KNOW I KNOW! I need to get to bed, but a last minute Whistlestop marathon newsletter just came via email....
Temperatures are Low: 42 High: 60 °F. Partly sunny and breezy with a shower possible for this year's race. There can be as much as a 1 ½ hour wait between the time you get off the bus and the start of the race. Please dress accordingly. There will be extra gear bags for you at the start lines in case your warm ups do not fit in the gear bag provided.

Yeah...I can't say I'm surprised by this information. Actually, as long as the rain stays away, these temps actually are IDEAL for a marathon!

Also, a bit of a geography lesson. Living in Wisconsin, we are surrounded by two of the five Great Lakes. Lake Superior is the northern most lake and I will be running along part of the southern part of it. The red line is a rough snippit of where I'll be running. And that red dot---that is a rough location on where I live.


Julie said...

My goodness. No wonder you are having such cool weather. You are almost in the North Pole. LOL - well, to a Southern girl you are.
I will be thinking of you and checking my computer for how things went Saturday.
Sorry about the cold.

Amanda said...

Your weather sounds very similar to ours, sunny and crisp. Probably pretty good weather for a marathon though. I do hope your cold improves a little or it could be a rather uncomfortable run. Where do you keep a box of tissues when you're kitted out for running!!

scraphappy said...

I am so hoping that the tickle doesn't turn into a full blown cold. I experienced a similar scenario four days before my first marathon. I marched my sniffly little nose into the nearest drug store and explained my scenario to the pharmacist. He loaded me up with goodies and I felt practically normal by the starting line. By the end, everything else was so sore and tired that my body didn't even remember it had been getting sick! I don't know if the finish line being 83 and sunny had anything to do with that. I'm guessing 42 and gusty might make a difference when a head cold is involved.
I hope everything goes well. There are only so many of the variables involved over which you have control. The rest will be what it will be.