Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Wisconsin Day with some Football

I played the role of a proud Aunt this morning as Nephew Zach helped lead his 3/4 grade football team to a 36-6 victory. The annoucement booth had some great tunes playing, so Candace and I definitely got our groove on :0)

And once the game was over, it was "hang-out time" at G'mas and G'pas, which included "raking" leaves......HA!

So, enjoy the pics---not many words tonight. I hope to get some quilting in tomorrow since I made the 2.5 hour drive back home tonight from G'mas house. I did some shopping on Friday with the personal day of babysitting DH. I purchased a few yards of fabric (definition of 'few'---????? I don't really know, nor want to know) ;0) But I recall buying at least 20 fabrics, 1/4 each. All "bright jewel" colors for Cathedral Stars.


scraphappy said...

I am just laughing out loud looking at everyone all bundled up with their winter gear. We are had a power outage this morning and considered opening up the house and turning off the air conditioning because it might be cool enough. Football and raking leaves are the perfect way to spend a brisk fall weekend. Congratulations on the fabric purchases -- think of it as your part to help the economy keep moving.

Julie said...

You are having REAL football weather. It just doesn't seem right sweating and wearing shorts to a football game.