Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Friday tomorrow?!??!? ALREADY?????'s been one of those crazy hectic weeks where time has simply FLOWN by. Seriously, if time keeps going like this, my kids will all be graduated, and I'll be a retired grandmother in no time!!!!! *chuckle*

Blogger is a bit slow tonight for me for some reason, so I'm not going to bother with pics right now. It's almost bedtime for the girls; we're relaxing with some fish crackers as a snack and watching the Backyardigans on Noggin. I love the music on this show :0)

I found a few moments last night to get downstairs----didn't really know what I wanted to work on, but ended up cutting some borders for Andre's Out of this World. Hopefully I'll finish that top tonight by putting the final borders on once the girls are tucked away in bed. I've already written my Pre-Calculus test and key for tomorrow, so my official work is finished for the night. Now I have "play" work time :0)

Maybe I'll tune back in later tonight with an updated pic of the completed top :0)

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