Saturday, October 18, 2008

TatorTrot Half-marathon if 26.2 miles wasn't enough last week :0) Weeks ago, I was contemplating running this Half-marathon with Julie once she informed me she wasn't able to make the Full Marathon (which was last Saturday.) AFTER having run the Marathon last weekend, I told Jules I MAY only run the 5K while I cheer her on for her Half; and then by midweek, I was even toying with the idea of not running at ALL since I hadn't run all week. However, after speaking with her yesterday and hearing that she had absolutely no goals in mind and the SHE hadn't been running much either, I figured......"what the heck! It's only a Half!!!"

So, I enjoyed digging through my closet for the "perfect" outfit today :0) Both Jules and I wore our Whistlestop performance shirts from the 2006 marathon (we LOVE this shirt!!!) and she wore her "traditional" black shorts, however, I pulled out the baby-blue runners that I hadn't worn for a race yet. AND, ya gotta love the knee socks, right?!?!?!?! What a hoot! BUT, they really did serve a purpose today----it was chilly, and *sigh*....yet again WINDY!!!! I haven't checked, but I'd beg to say that wind was blowing 15-20 mpg with some gusts pushing 30+! Ugh!

We coughed up the big bucks (ALL for a really great cause--"Boys and Girls Club") and we set out to enjoy the day-----Jules's boyfriend came down for the race too and was our cheer section and photographer for the day. I apologize about the darkened and slightly grainy photos---I had the aperature set too high! Oops! I figured it should be set high since it was so sunny out, BUT if all the shots were closeups, this setting would have been perfect. However, Jamie kept himself at a nice distanct (OFTEN "sneaking" up on us, hiding on the edge of the woodline.) But we kept smiling throughout---not really pushing ourselves too hard---holding right around 10:30-11:00 min/miles and walking all the aid stations :0)

We finished in 2:23:18, definitely not a World's Record, but it wasn't our worst time either :0) Each of us have run a 2:28 (both on the stinkin' Paavo Nurmi Course!!!!)

So, I've already relaxed with a nice bubbly hot tub soak (nope---no real hot tub here, just a BIG bathtub with jets) :0) Candace and Caitlyn were giving me puppy-dog eyes to jump in the tub with me, so we all spent 40 minutes playing in the water before realizing that we all had turned into raisins. Now we are relaxing with Wow-wow-Wubzy and an afternoon snack of Apples and Cheesey Balls :0)


scraphappy said...

I can not believe you ran another half! Do you have another full marathon you can do next weekend just for fun? It looks like you were having a great time though, and it's got to be great to run just for the fun of it.

Julie said...

Sounds like a good, fun run.
Can you believe Angela is only 30 miles from me right now while with her Georgia family? LOL. Small world. She could probably just run over to my house without breaking a sweat.