Monday, October 6, 2008

A funny word......

Sorry, but I was leaving a comment on Regina's (Bitnbyaquiltingbug) site, and I wanted to write "The comments had me in stitches----HA---that's a funny for sewers."

And then.....I looked at the word "sewers", cocked my head to one side, and asked DH how one spelled "sewer"---(the stinky, poop collector kind). Once he confirmed s-e-w-e-r, I suddenly thought....."ummmmm...I better not write "sewers" then to represent "people that sew" or that could get silly.

However, is "sewer" also a word to use to talk about someone that sews?

That's just funny

English language---who said it was easy?

Do you play a bass guitar or are you fishing for a bass?
Does a Buck play with female deer or Does?
Do you live for your favorite TV shows, or are you satisfied with Live TV?
and I won't even get into which "witch" is which?
or I went to the store with two dollars. You too? can go on and on. I recall coming across many of these fun puns on the English language.
OH's another

If the plural for Ox is Oxen, why isn't the plural for Box boxen?
And why do some words NOT have a plural form? Are we talking about ONE DEER or FIVE DEER?

Thank goodness I teach Math. No confusion there :0)
3+3 = 6 (unless of course you're talking base-3) Then 3+3=0 (Right???)


Amanda said...

And why do we have feet that smell and noses that run? And if the plural for mouse is mice why isn't the plural for house hice? Etc, etc - isn't that one of the things that makes the English language so rich, and so difficult to learn and - the best of all - incomprehensible to foreigners!!

Lori said...

I agree with you. Bless those English teachers. Then, factor (a little math humor) in our slang.Yikes!

So sorry...That was a bad joke!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I just want to know why the word "island" has an "s" stuck in it! Why oh why? Phonics can't work with this mess! Giggle!

Candace said...

When I was a little kid my father always teased me (I think he was teasing) and misspelled maybe. He would say if baby is b-a-b-y then maybe should be m-a-b-y.

Julie said...

Well, I AM an English teacher and it is strange to deal with those words. And I want to know this; if the plural of goose is geese, why isn't the plural of moose meese?