Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The "Crazy but Fun" week (aka: Homecoming!)

A definition:
Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back former residents of an area or alumni of a school. It most commonly refers to a tradition in many universities, colleges and high schools in North America. It usually includes activities for students and alumni, such as sports and culture events and a parade through the streets of the city or town. {{courtesy of wikipedia}}

I would agree with MOST of that.....but more is needed!!!

The Homecoming "Royalty" - pictured is our 2011 Homecoming court. Upper middle shows our King and Queen. (yay Kellie!!! My volleyball captain from last year, and once again a captain this year, was voted Queen!)

The crazy Homecoming Pep Rallies and CRAZY games to fire up the School Spirit. {{Pictured in Grade 4 teacher: Mr. Kevan. ALWAYS a crowd favorite!!!!!}}

The wacky "dress-up" days all week long. Our 8th grade class is showing off some of the "Pirates" that were wandering the halls yesterday.....

ALLLLLLL of these events lead up to one finality: THE HOMECOMING FOOTBALL GAME ON FRIDAY NIGHT!

Ya see---we Americans LOVE our football. (Not that soccer game....no, no, no......the game of the genuine "pig skin", oblong brown ball) :0)

The week of Homecoming at our school often is quite chaotic, but ALWAYS great fun and an excellent demonstration in school spirit! Having missed out on "Pirate Day" yesterday, my partner-in-crime for the last 13 years, Miss Everson (aka: Jan) and I were NOT going to miss out on "Identical Day." And....ya see?!?!?!?! MORE FOOTBALL LOVERS!!! Sportin' our Green-n-Gold (and white) Green Bay Packer jerseys!!!!!

My first 6 years, I was teaching in the High School wing, but when the Junior High math teacher retired 7 years ago....I JUMPED at the opportunity to move over a wing with the the amazing close-knit Junior High Staff! Jan teaches English to our Junior High students, and we have been "neighbors" since my transition. When I first started teaching 14 years ago, I was also hired on as the Assistant Volleyball Coach (JV squad), and this is truly what brought Jan and I super-close together :0) She was the Head Coach at the time. We were a dynamic-duo coaching staff for 8 years, and I learned so much from her. A TRUE, good-hearted, respectful mentor! LOVE HER TO DEATH!!!! And I couldn't imagine the work place without her!

These two characters are the two crazies that are in charge of much of the Homecoming chaos organization. And YES-----"they got spirit!" {{Hmmm...notice the Packer football picture in the background. Did I NOT say that we American's (Wisconsinites in parTICular) LOVE our boys of the grid-iron (football field, for those of not "up" on your football lingo)!!!!}} Deb (left) is a relatively new-comer to our District; I believe this is the 4th year since she and her husband moved their family into our neck of the woods. From day #1, she has been very active in the school! Last year, she was hired on as a Teacher's Assistant and we are SO LUCKY to have her. This year, she ventured one step further to add "Student Council Advisor" to her plate. Additional, Patti (pictured right), put her Student Council Advisor hat BACK on after taking a few years "off" from the duty. Both of these two make another SUPER GREAT dynamic-duo for our school!

So....despite some poo-poo-butts that exist in EVERY corner of the world, and EVERY job environment that exists....I'm happy to say that there are also some AMAZING people in every corner of the world as well! :0)

Happy Tuesday!

Tomorrow's Homecoming Dress-up Day: "Senior Citizen Day." Hmmm...wonder if I have some old polyester pants hiding in my sewing stash inherited from Grandma???!?!?!? ;0)

SO.......7:05 PM. The girls are hanging around Dad outside...... I don't know if it pays to head downstairs when I'll have to wrangle them up in 25 minutes to get ready for bed.

Hmmm.....wonder if I'll lose ambition once they get settled in bed.


scraphappy said...

Ah, spirit week, I think ours is next week. Sounds like things are going pretty well at work for you. I know your schedule isn't perfect this year, but you seem to be hanging in there so far. You look pretty cute in those pig tails.

Andee said...

Amazing staff equals lucky kids! I love the Packer Twins! I just ordered myself a new jersey about a week ago...GO PACK GO!