Monday, September 19, 2011

The Run that almost wasn't [2011 Running]

GOODNESS! It's no wonder (sometimes) that kids forget this or that at school......specially when they live in a situation where they are at Mom's for one week, and then Dad's the next week.

This morning, while rummaging through my closet looking to see if anything would pass for a "Pirate" outfit (yeah....Homecoming week!), I started throwing my "running clothes" into my running bag to be prepared to run once school ended today. NAUGHTY MOM! I should KNOW better than to procrastinate and wait 'til the morning of a school day. This SHOULD have been done last night!!!!! after school today, I head to the locker room to change. Before I even reached the door, it hit me!!! I forGOT to pack a sports bra. Gah!!!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid. **hitting forehead** I wasn't about to let that hold me back; rather I asked a fellow coach if she could "hook me up." Sadly.....she couldn't.

Oh well-----I only was planning a short run; I think I can manage with the "standard" over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. {{snort...haven't called it THAT in a long time!!! Besides...mine is more like an 'over-the-shoulder-pebble-holder. Tee-heeeee! {too much information there???}}} I'm getting dressed, the next thing hit me! NO HAIR TIE!!!!!! Really Amy!??!!?!? You're just TRYING to come up with anything so you DON'T have to run!!!!

BUT......I ran anyway. Long, curly hair a'flyin and pebbles a'bouncin! ;0) forward to just a few moments ago.....

I was getting frustrated that my watch (Garmin Forerunner 305) wasn't transferring information over to my new computer!!! The software appeared to be installed correctly on the new machine, and appeared to be running alright. But it kept crashing whenever transferring info over.

SO-----off a'googlin' I went!!!

And here's what I found!!! A free upgrade!!!

And the new graphs-----ooooooohhhhhhh. This math teacher is in LOVE!!!!!

I always was able to install my "speed zones," but they never really did anything before. NOW.....with one lil' checkbox, they can now be shown on the "speed" graph to get an idea of how fast slow I ran.

Yay!!!! :0) I'm off to play some more to see what "new stuff" can get my butt motivated again! OMGoodness! I hadn't run since LAST TUESDAY!!!!! That's just NOT acceptable!

{{Oh, BTW...never did find anything for Pirate Day :0( But tomorrow, I'm ALL OVER "Twin Day"; a coworker and I are going as crazy Packer fans, pigtails-n-all}}


Anonymous said...

You had me on the floor laughing at the "over the shoulder boulder holder!" I haven't heard or used that one in years either....but it did remind me of a phrase a friend uses to refer to putting on a bra. She has to "harness the team." Sorry, but we grew up around horses and cowboys! LOL

Thanks for the laugh today! Love your blog and sure wish we had the bounty of tomatoes you did this year. Ours sizzled out in the heat and drought!


Cheryl Willis said...

when I was a kid in HS German Class a student asked the teacher how to say "Bra" in German. The teacher replied and the boy said "Oh, my dad said it was StopThem FromFlopping" Neadless to say the class cracked up.

Ann Marie said...

LMAO! Reminded me of my aunt, we use to call hers bowling ball holders, and seriously, her bra could hold 2 bowling balls!!!! I kept laughing throughout the rest of your post too. Next time you don't have a hair tie use a pencil or a binderclip, if you can get it in there tight enough should still hold by the time your run is overwith.

Amanda said...

What an entertaining post. I had a wonderful picture of you in my mind by the time I'd finished! What's Homecoming Week?

scraphappy said...

Gotta admire that determination. Sounds like the fates were conspiring.

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Too funny! The things we do to NOT do something else. Congrats for not letting the "little things" stop you from getting your run in. P.S. You could have used a rubber band for your hair. I'm guessing the school would have had some lying around.

Andee said...

I want to see pictures of you as a "crazy Packer fan" GREAT IDEA!