Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday afternoon down-time

The go-go-go energy from yesterday finally subsided. After coming upstairs at noon to put some dinner on the table, I sat down with the laptop to read over some blog updates, and I ended up resting my eyes for a small moment while listening to the Packers on the radio. By 2:00, a warm bath sounded that's what I did.

Fall weather has hit full-bore in Wisconsin; rainy and cold all day. I've been bundled up in my favorite sweats, wool fuzzy socks and long-sleeve shirt.

I grabbed a new book for my soaking time: Linda Howard's "Mackenzie's Mountain." I haven't read a paperback in a bit; I've mainly been reading stories on my Kindle for my iTouch. However, I wasn't about to try that in the water :0)

After the bath, I found a little bit of motivation to get back downstairs. However, Blue-n-Gold Pride stayed exactly where it was; still in rows waiting to be pieced into a top. A few of you had been asking about the pattern used: this is one that has been stewing patiently on my "To be made someday" list. The design is Scrappy Stars by Melissa Erickson. I didn't follow her cutting directions nor some of her piecing directions, but the design is all hers.

Instead, I started cutting more Blue/Neutral HSTs for Jamestown Landing.
And I pressed the HSTs I already had finished. The quilt needs 840 HSTs, and I had exactly HALF completed already! As a mathematician, that was just TOO FUN of a coincidence!!! Go figure!!!

When walking through the living room, this was what I saw. They are under there with the laptop playing a DVD; their own "homemade theatre" :0) Eventually, they made their way to our bedroom, which is MUCH DARKER once the door is closed and the blinds are drawn.

Paul helped a buddy butcher his pigs yesterday morning, so on his way back home, he stopped by a meat shop and picked up some steaks. Paul definitely loves his mushrooms and onions; I pass on that topping. I cut up some pieces of steak for the girls, and after Candace took her first bite, she asked: "What is this?"
Me: "That's steak honey; from a cow."
{{and without missing a beat}}
Candace: Dad. We HAVE to get some cows!!!

Oh boy. Pigs and Chickens already on our hobby-farm. We tried a cow already, but she kept breaking free of the fencing. So frustrating. I can't foresee having cows again any time soon.

To finish up this post: I can't resist showing one (final?) garden goodie shot. These are the ingredients for the vegetable juice I made up after dinner last night. It all looked SO YUMMY, and the final cooked product certainly was!


Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Awww, you didn't work on BnG?!?! I figured you already had it on the quilt frame. 840 HSTs?!?!? That's crazy!

How are the allergies? Mine have been much better since the temps are cooler.

Quilter Kathy said...

That vegetable juice photo is yummy indeed!

Dee said...

Those vegetables look delicious! And is blue your favorite color? You seem to make a lot of quilts with it and they're all beautiful. Good luck with the 840 HSTs! I have a quilt I want to make that has about 800 - 1" x 2" flying geese units, but haven't started on them yet. I figure they'll take me forever though!

Melissa said...

Very pretty quilt, you sure keep busy! I know where you can buy a 1/4 or 1/2 of beef...... I was wondering what happened to the cow, I never saw anything after the day she had a calf...
Take care!

Amanda said...

I was wondering whether with an intricate pattern like that you need to be really accurate, or can you get away with mistakes because it's so busy? I'm not too good at the accurate stuff myself. Your vegetables look lovely, far too nice to turn into juice!

scraphappy said...

I keep pondering Jamestown landing. I've still got some strings leftover from RRCB. What's next for you?

Ellen said...

You have so much energy and get so much done that after I read your posts I am so inspired!

Candace said...

Loved the picture of the girls. To me that's the best thing about quilts, when they are loved and used and enjoyed.