Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Shell Lake 5K Success!

With thunder and lightening in 6AM sky, Cassie and I started to prepare for the race. And thankfully, by race-start, the sky was clearing, the rain disappeared, and the temps held in the low 60's.

Our game plan today: try to hold at 11:00/mile pace.

The outcome:

from 38:08 in July, to 33:40 today! 10:57/mile average :0) And a 2nd place medal to boot!

I love the home-town race! LOTS of familiar faces willing to snap pictures of "Cass and Mom."

And familiar faces out on the course. High school senior (Varsity Volleyball starting setter) Emma made the 9-mile finish look effortless as she strolled to an Overall First Place Female victory. There wasn't another lady in sight for a LONG time!!

And then there's Pam (left) and Keri (middle) {{and some lil' man I don't know}} who were racing to the finish line.

What a fun morning!!!!!

Next on the agenda:
I have NO idea!
Paul wants to take the boat out; he still has plans to head up for the farm for part of the weekend; I have school lesson planning that needs attention......**shrug**.....
I'm sure it'll all happen eventually :0)



Amanda said...

Well done Cassie - and you too of course. I remember our two boys doing the odd race with Christopher when they were younger, but only Number One Son has continued with running.

Ellen said...

Lovely pictures of you and your daughter. Congratulations on a job well done!!