Monday, September 12, 2011

The first "real" Monday

I don't teach Health of any biological sciences, BUT.....

I DEFINITELY can tell you where my "turbinates" are; as mine are quite painful and touchy from my day of nose-blowing yesterday. I think they are talking directly to the upper-middle of my brain too! My head has hurt all day; my nose continued giving me the daily sniffles; and I tried NOT to blow my nose as much as possible because I didn't think my head could take any more pressure!!!!!!! My students pointed out that I looked "under the weather;" my voice was "tired" .... and I can only guess that I sounded as stuffy as my head felt all day.

Yeah....exactly! Now imagine some water in that bubble, .....yup! That's the ticket! Exactly how my hearing came across today.

Despite, the day merried its way along without much of a hitch; classes were fine; students were okay; and my work-load was tolerable.

Homefront: I even have the laundry under way, dishes done, counters cleaned, supper made, homework completed, girls to bed, .... and feet up with a cup of "Sleepy Time" tea. Yum! Main ingredient: speariment, with no caffeine.

UGH! I NEEEEEED to sleep better tonight! After another 90 degree day, and 82!!!! in my classroom. Yeah, I suppose that didn't really help my mood today. I caved and turned the AC on when we got home; Paul wasn't too keen on that move (since it's supposed to plummet to 50/60s tomorrow--gotta love crazy weather patterns!), BUT.... I have faith that the AC will allow me to sleep better tonight! No windows open to let in any NASTY NASTY pollen!

I REALLLLLLLLY wanted to work on Blue-n-Gold Pride, just like I realllllly should have gotten out to run 4-5 miles tonight. Psht! I'm riding this sinus head business out; but no excuses tomorrow! I MUST run!


scraphappy said...

Sorry you are feeling under the weather. My son has horrible allergies and nasonex really does the trick for him. AC helps tremendously, and he has one of those room air filters too. Surely the colder weather will kill off all the pollen producers? I hope so.

Crafty Maine Mom said...

I know this sounds crazy but...have you tried eliminating milk from your diet? You are showing classic symptoms. I always had hayfever issues and when I eliminate most of my milk I always feel better. Try it for a week and see.

Amanda said...

I can really sympathise with you as I have perennial rhinitis, year round allergies and sinus problems, and it's really debilitating. People who don't know think that you 'just' have a cold, but it's so much worse than that.

Do people in your neck of the woods talk about the weather as much as the British do? It sounds as if we have similar unpredictable weather patterns.

Dee said...

My husband is really struggling with allergies right now too. But this is the first year he's had such an issue with them. Of course, I've always heard you can develop allergies at any age. My sympathies are with you. I usually get them in the spring and remember how uncomfortable they are.

My neighbors (who have 9 kids) turn their air conditioning on and off like you do. At our house, it comes on in the late spring and stays on until fall. There are only a few days where's it off before we switch it over to heat.

Andee said...

Feel better Amy! And I praying for some fall like weather for both of us!