Saturday, September 24, 2011

Loads to do ; Must resist a QOV Mystery!

Another Homecoming week (almost) wrapped up....The Homecoming Dance remains, scheduled for tonight, but I have no plans of attending.
We truly have a great student-body this year; some amazing seniors! (and yeah...even that clown peeking through from the background. :0) )

And our Queen didn't let us down (although our King did) :0) {{In all reality, I'm actually glad our King Jesse decided to back-off on the icecream eating. Afterall, he had a big football game to play a couple of hours after this craziness!!!}}

And our amazing Mrs. Amanda, 7-12 secretary, kept the days running smoothly with her lovely southern-drawl announcing over the PA system. I don't remember where she hails from, but she CLEARLY came from the south somewhere; her southern hospitality is always shining through when she needs to bring out her "people-skills."

So now....bright-n-early awake on a Saturday. Loads on the agenda; For Paul -- butcher piggies (ewww) and dig potatoes. For me: LOTS of school work lesson planning and documentation..... I think it could be an all-day thing, so I will get busy very shortly!!!! Because......

Mystery Quilts 4 Military is started a mystery, and I'm really interested in starting. BUT.....I've been resisting it so far :0) {{It started yesterday}}


scraphappy said...

Will the resisting last as long as lunch? I have my doubts about that.

Amanda said...

Don't you look cute with your hair tied up in bunches! Sounds like you've had a good week.