Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm tired

Not much else to say......

So, I have not gone downstairs to quilt----just don't have the energy tonight. I'm using up all the energy I have just peckin' away at these keys. :0)

I'm using the "butt-in-chair" moment to catch up some blogs, clean up some bookmarks, and fine-tune my Power Point for the quilting class coming up next week.

I found this gem in my bookmarks----I need to remember this the next time I see a paper foundation block, so that rather than saying "uh-uh---too hard," I might actually be able to make it.
Paper-Piecing-Tutorial from Purple&Paisley

Happy Tuesday


Lurline said...

Not nice, that tired feeling - hope you can sleep it off! Must try Terri's freezer paper method one day! Would you believe it - we can't buy it in supermarkets over here - and works out rather expensive from the quilt shops!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Cornfield Quilter said...

I went to see the "gem" and what a great way to piece. I will definately try that process cause I had bought a whole roll of freezer paper and have never used it. Now I have a purpose!
Hope you got rested up!

scraphappy said...

I've used a similar sort of process on my Dear Jane Blocks. Tired seems to be going around down here too, that and the stomach flu. Either way, having a little down time might be what you need to recharge your batteries.