Sunday, February 8, 2009

One thing lead to another.....

Yup---it really was one of those days.
Before I allowed myself to hit the quilting room, I tidied up the kitchen and threw a load of clothes in the laundry.

Then I headed downstairs to work on Chloe's Colors to wrap up the 24 blue/green blocks. I really don't know when those were accomplished.....the day really went by in one big whirlwind!

Around 10:30, the girls and myself were getting hungry, so we had some early lunch: Chili and Noodles-Alfredo (Cassie, nor Cailtyn are lovers of Chili). While lunch was cooking, I switched over the washer-load into the dryer and threw one last load of whites into the washer. I also was able to take care of writing up some bills, and sort through the tax-papers to get them ready for delivery to the accountant this week.

After lunch, I figured I might as well park my biscuits in the rocker with Paddington's Class Act while the girls relaxed with one of umteen hundreds of Barbie movies out there! I think this one was Fairytopia. I was done before the movie was over, so I took that opportunity to check into email and blogger, AND FACEBOOK! Yup----I took the plunge this week and have been accepting "freinds" ever since----the ol' classmates! It's been SO MUCH FUN finding old friends.

I headed back downstairs around 2:00, only after prepping some pork ribs for the oven. OH MAN-----they were SOOOO GOOOD for supper! DH also brought home some fresh fish that he fried up----DA-LISH!

Oh yeah.....once back downstairs, I found myself putzing to get myself ready for class tomorrow night. I needed to find some "sample fabrics" to take along to demonstrate hold to fold and cut fabric. So, brainstorming....I was trying to think of the next project I had in line so I could kill two birds with one stone. I must have had the craziest look on my face once I realized I didn't have ANY project lined up!!! Seriously! So, sifting through some papers, I found the printout for Double Delight, which I had completely taken off the radar screen. DUH! So, I pulled the fabrics out of the stash again; only better! I found a gem of a gold fabric hiding amongst the browns :0) I think I originally wanted to take the fabric to class tomorrow night to show cutting, right?!?!?!? ..............................

................. an hour later, I had MOST of the pieces cut for part 1. After supper, and getting the girls bathed, and tucked into bed with a story, I headed back downstairs to finish cutting out step 1. HAVE NO FEAR THOUGH----I was NOT able to actually piece any of them! :0) So, regarding tomorrow night, I just threw some plaid fabrics onto a pile that I can cut into 2.5" strips to add to my plaid drawer.

Once I was done cutting out the pieces (around 8:00), I really was ready to call it a night, but I had started piecing just a few 2.5" squares for the center section of Chloe's Colors. For some reason, I didn't like leaving them in the machine, so I figured I'd just finish pairing up my remaining squares......and really, one thing lead to another. By 9:00, I had pieced all 6 blocks. *shaking head* Yeah, sometimes I amaze myself, too, but I've found that I've really gotten quick when it comes to piecing. I suppose it's like that with anything after enough practice----you start to get better and smarter.

Finally, by 9:15, I was tidied up, have most of my supplies set aside to head to class tomorrow night.

I parked my butt to update, and then the phone rings. Nothing like getting some very sad news at 9:30 pm on a Sunday night! We have a "phone-tree" with the staff at our school, and I knew right away when I heard the voice on the phone that it had been activated (which ONLY happens when the news is bad.) One of our staff members (the lady's whose room I am using for the quilting class, in fact) had emergency surgery yesterday and is not fairing well. This is very sad news and will be very tragic for our school if things do not turn out well. She is the Senior class advisor, and is down-right loved by everyone. I don't typically ask for thoughts (or prayers), but.......your thoughts and prayers sure would be appreciated.

Happy Sunday.


Lurline said...

Wow, what a busy, productove day - yes, certainly thought and prayers for your friend - try to stay positive!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Amanda said...

I never know what to say when I read one of your posts about how productive you've been, apart from Wow!!! I hope you get better news about your colleague soon - and loads of luck for the quilting class.

scraphappy said...

I'm glad you are finally starting double delight. It is such a pretty quilt, and you don't want to miss out on any of the quiltville mysteries. If you just sewed a little slower like the rest of us, then you wouldn't have to keep searching for new projects. You are making the rest of us feel like sloths.
I hope the situation at work turns out well. I'm sure all that is possible is being done.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Well the quilt is gorgeous..... congrats to the student who designed it. It reminds of the old test patterns on TV.

Hugs to you and your staff. Worrying about a member of the teaching family is never easy.

Julie said...

Amy, You have my prayers for your coworker and school.
I lost 4.8 pounds at weigh in tonight!!! thanks for helping me with motivation.
Now I am off to find you on Facebook. I just love it.

Candace said...

I hope that your friend is doing well. Also, I love your quilts and your fabrics for your DD. Good luck on your class.