Friday, February 27, 2009

Taking things for granted....

HA! Laurel's comment in the last post made me realize that we sometimes takes things we share for granted.....

No Laurel, I am not a size 16W or 20W; I have been fortunate enough to still keep much of my athleticism from my youth and remain to be a runner and volleyball player, and active with my children. Therefore, I remain right around a "proud" size 5-7.

The capris were only seen as CHEAP FABRIC in my eyes.....nothing more.

As for plans with them.....cut 'em up, strip 'em down, and fold into the stash. :0)
I also came across some Plus size christmas shirts that are 100% cotton, also only ONE DOLLAR! There was still a good selection so I grabbed the largest sizes; they are still in the Walmart bag (from a couple of weeks ago). I think they were XXXL! LOTS of fabric!

On another note, also related to the blog title regards a statement President Obama made yesterday when rationalizing to the American people about his proposed budget.... it was close to....'Sometimes you can redecorate your house and sometimes you can't. If they money isn't available, you have to make your priorities....'
Well, at school, I have been writing a Smart Board Purchase request along with our school's Media Specialist. Our Superintendent quoted us a budget amount to use in addition to a few other sources of funds. In the end, she and I submitted our request with a final note of "$200 extra dollars being requested" with the rationale that one more complete setup could be purchased for the Elementary school. When I spoke with him unofficially in the hall with the request, his remark was "when is enough enough??", but then proceeded to grin and nod, being fairly confident the extra funds could be found. BUT, his comment DID get me thinking, and when I heard Obama's comment, I put it all together, and really sat and thought about a DIFFERENT solution that would keep us within the original budget. Outcome: she and I are still trying to be creative by seeking out some used Smart Board stands......but.....the bottom line: we all take things for granted. How many of us take our spouse for granted? I for one KNOW there are too many times when I take DH for granted! I "get on his case" when things don't go my way (part of being the 3rd "spoiled" child & the baby of the family, I think). But yet....he does SO MUCH for me and I don't always give him the recognition he needs.

At school: there are many of my coworkers that belly-ache, but I found myself as one of "those teachers" yesterday with the request of additional funds. My superintendent was right to say: "when is enough enough?"

So, what do YOU take for granted?

(wow---this post went off on a tangent)


scraphappy said...

You hit that one right on the head. We are all quick to complain when we feel we are being taken for granted, but not always so fast to make sure we don't make others feel the same way. It's even harder when we feel like we are busy giving things our all. We are so busy trying to be everything to everbody that we forget other people are working just as hard. Even though we do work hard, we are lucky to have all that we do (families, homes, jobs, hobbies). Other people work hard too but for whatever reason havn't been as luck or successful as us.
I spent the afternoon stewing over being taken for granted at work, but you are making me think about it from another point of view. I'm still stewing, but I'm trying to open my mind.

Lurline said...

I like the tangent - and yes, I think we all have to ask ourselves do we really NEED this or that or is it just DESIRE.
Sadly some people are taken for granted - I tell my girls, there are the 'givers' and the 'takers' in this world with a few in between!
Enough of that - let's jus indulge ourselves with fabric and stitching!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Julie said...

Hmmm, I think maybe having my mother right around the corner and in my life. She will be 77 on March 5th! I need to visit her more.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Exactly!! Our society is so quick to whip out the plastic and then forget we have to pay for it down the road. We've created this economic problem along with government spending practices. It took us a while to get here and it is going to take us that much time to get out.

BTW, one of our middle school teachers received grant money from Wal-mart which was used for smart boards. You may want to check it out.


Linda said...

Hello to all of Amy's Blogging friends!

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She has done an awesome job of teaching, demonstrating, and encouraging us in our first quilting experiences. Her passion for quilting is contagious! I am now searching for fabrics to make quilts for my grandkids, table runners for friends and I have something special in mind for myself!

She often has shared things she has learned from her on-line quilting friends.