Thursday, February 26, 2009

Seven Shirts progress

Since Nancy (Life is a Stitch) posted yet another step for the Sevens Shirts mystery, I figured it was time to get downstairs to make the blocks from step 3. Ho-hum, ho-hum, an hour-n-half later, not only were the Snowball blocks finished from step 3, but they were also paired up and pieced into the quilt's center (step 4). THANKS NANCY! This went lickity-split!

However, sorry Nancy, but I just couldn't see those little "trimmed-corners" going into ANYTHING other than some bonus triangles! So, I eye-balled up each corner-to-corner piece on the snowball blocks, then double-sewed in order to get 48 bonus tris! Whether these get used up in the border (???), or if they get saved for some other scrap project, it doesn't matter to me. But, once again, just LOOK at what can be saved and "recycled" instead of simply tossing as scraps.!!! I'll be able to piece 24 pinwheel blocks, finishing at 3" (3.5" unfinished).

Last night, after volleyball, DH and I stopped at Walmart to pick up a few odds-n-ends. While walking down one of the center aisles, I noticed a few racks of clearance items. HOLY BUCKETS! These are Plus-sized capris (size 20W). 98% cotton, 2% spandex....I couldn't resist! They were only ONE DOLLAR! Not only did I pick up these, but there was also a hot-pink pair (size 16W) that I grabbed for $1 as well. AMAZING deal! Sometimes my DH can just be goofy! When we got home, he (for some reason) felt he needed to model the capris for our babysitter! We had a good giggle!

Friday tomorrow!!!! Let's see----goals for the weekend:
BESIDES housework: Depending if Nancy posts anymore clues, I might try piecing the Diamond Strips & Scrappy Baskets together since I THINK I know which avenue I'll head down now. THANKS for all the suggestions, by the way! I thought about the name for the quilt while I was mindlessly piecing the snowball blocks tonight-------I'm thinking: Grandma & Catherine. Catherine was my Aunt who passed on from pancreatic cancer many years ago. My mother is thinking MOST of the "stash" I received from Grandma ACTUALLY belonged to Catherine. And since so much of the scraps that were used in both sets of blocks came from Grandma's (Catherine's) stash, it just seems very fitting to me. I can't help but think about both of them anytime I work with much of the stash/scrap fabric anyway.....

Also, I think DD has been on hold long enough; perhaps I'll dig into step 3 with that as well.

Happy "almost" Friday!


Nancy-Rose said...

Oh - those pinwheels WILL come in handy, especially since they are finishing at 3".

Good job Amy!

Cornfield Quilter said...

I love the new quilt and you hubby is such a hoot!

Laurel said...

Ok, I'm stumpped. What are you going to do with the capris? Are they just for the fabric? I'm pretty sure you're not a size 16 or 20, so I'm having a blond moment.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Tell that man of yours "Thanks for a great giggle". That's exactly something mine would do!

Calidore said...

Your nystery blocks look like they should...lucky you. Love the colours you have chosen and those smaller triangles will be so handy. What are you going to do with those Capri pants. I can't see you needing some in that size...vbg.

Andee said...

Your Seven Shirts mystery is looking fabulous and nice job on the recycling of the little scraps. The plaids are so cute! And ooh thanks for the warning on working on DD (grin). I am hoping to make some progress on mine this weekend..have a class tomorrow but maybe Sunday! Can't wait to see yours!

Helen in the UK said...

Thanks for the link to the mystery quilt. I did Nancy's nickel mystery, but had missed this one. Looks like fun and I'm loving how yours is coming together :)