Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday morning catchup....

Umm.....okay...since Tuesday:
I quilted the Paddington's Class Act and am almost done hand-sewing the binding down. I need to finish it today though because it's one of my samples for my class that starts tomorrow night. I have 5 "students" signed up; a perfect number for a Beginner's course. Only one of the ladies needs to use a school sewing machine, so hopefully not much time will be needed to be spent on knowing how to use a machine.

Next.....I started pulling fabrics for my student's Design a Quilt pattern that was chosen by the kids. Holy buckets! There are a LOT of colors and I had a dickens of a time narrowing them down. I needed to stop at the good ol' Walmart Wednesday after vball to pick up some greens, because my stash just didn't mesh well.

Right when I was about to start cutting (yesterday), I realized I hadn't thought about the FQ drawer! I exchanged one of the purples to this FUN one (2nd from right), and it just seems to "click" so much nicer! Yesterday morning, I then spent cutting and strip-piecing to make the 24 "blue/green" blocks. It went really fast! and FUN!

I dug into the yellow by the afternoon (before heading out to the school's play The Wizard of Oz with Cassie). Sadly, I didn't have enough of the yellow I really liked, so I decided to split the yellow 50/50 with another solid yellow, and will symmetrically alternate them through the quilt.

When uploading pics last night and needing to create folder for the pics, I realized I hadn't thought of a name for the project yet. Since Chloe is the name of the student that created the design, I thought Chloe's Colors was so fitting! Just in the Green/Blue blocks alone, there are 16 fabrics, THEN there is the red & orange & yellow surrounding the blocks (that's now 19), PLUS there is a bright pink that stands out in the other area; so that brings the total to at least 20! Yeah.......Chloe's COLORS sure seems fitting!

Happy Sunday. Lots to do today, and I really should make a priority list rather than a "want-to-only-work-on-the-fun-stuff" list.
1) Hand-sew Paddington (tonight in front of the TV---one solid hour left)
2) Grade Math 7 tests (umm.....tomorrow during 1st hour prep should be sufficient)
3) Plan Math 7 lessons for the week (teaming up with Science teacher to cover metric, so yeah....MUST spend about an hour today planning.....)
4) Polish up Steps 1 and 2 for the Class Act - Beginning Quilting class (handouts & Powerpoint)
5) Sew more on Chloe's Colors
6) Finish quilting Scrappy Irish Chain . OH YEAH! I started that Thursday night? and am half done with it.

Okay....let's see how I do.....
off 'til later.


Julie said...

It is so hard to do that "work work" during the weekend. I had to grade a stack of essays yesterday because our progress reports go out next week. Sigh.

scraphappy said...

Love the colors on the new colors quilt. I can't wait to hear how your new class is going. I wonder if if will feel more like work or fun to be teaching adults to quilt. I can imagine they would be a much more willing and interactive audience than your usual junior high student's it sound like you have quite a lot to get done, but I'm sure you'll get it all checked of in no time.

Patchwork Penguin said...

I'm losing my planning period for three days....... its time for "THE TEST" and they need me to cover. OH the joy of teaching to the test.


Calidore said...

Wow you are doing well. Good luck with getting through it all.