Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Post 200! "Class Act" - Night 2

Wowsers! Post 200 already! Sorry, but didn't have time to get together a give-away, but will keep it in mind on the "back-burner" and will see what I can do soon!

Tonight brought night 2 of the Beginning Quilting class. We started out with sub-cutting our strip sets from Monday night. And then..........

........a WHOLE lot of power chain-sewing. The end result was 48 identical blocks. Linda here is a coworker at the school, over in the Elementary wing. I'll admit that I went to her classroom yesterday to get her "take" on Monday night's class. I was thankful that she was excited about how the night went!

And POOOOR Janet! She really kept her patience when her machine decided to "act up" on us. She's getting used to a new machine (C'mas present); and she was really being tried tonight. Her thread would break every few blocks, and it seemed that no matter what we "trouble-shot", nothing seemed to be a remedy. New thread, new needle, rethread......nothing seemed to be the magic key. :0(

Hythe (pronounced Hi-eth) is plugging along and has my backup machine over the weekend to complete her "homework." She's such a perfectionist :0) She's trying her hardest to get perfect points, perfect piecing..... She's been a hoot :0)

And then we have Melissa, who seems to avoid the direct view of the camera! Reallly, look at the top cutting pic......EVEN when I crouched down to snap a pic, I couldn't get a nice shot of her face..... hmmmmmmmmmmm. Melissa, are you hiding from me when that camera comes out?!?!?!?!???!?!

Joy has been dubbed the "class over-achiever" since she's been the first to complete most of the tasks at any given time. Joy's layout provided the first "oooohs" & "aaaaahs" of the class. NOW I understand that "cool" feeling that many of you have blogged about after you've taken a class. There is a FUN commradery (sp?) that is created and it's FUN watching the quilts come together!

And see?????? Regarding Melissa "hiding" her face.......Case-n-Point! Here YET AGAIN I wasn't able to get a nice pic of her :0) But her layout brought yet more "ooooohs" & "aaaaaahs" from all of us. That magenta makes the eyes go all googly; such a NEAT illusion is created by her choice of colors.

I feel bad that I needed us to wrap up at such a strict time tonight (since I was playing vball at 9:00). SORRY LADIES!!!! I promise that we can hang-out longer for the next 2 sessions if you want. The room is ours until 10:00 each night!

Tomorrow night is Parent-Teacher conferences for me, so I don't foresee any quilting on the radar tomorrow night. BUT, we have Friday and Monday off of school for a Winter Break. I think I will concentrate on finishing the quilting on the Country Spirit quilt.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Laurel said...

Amy, your class is using the same pattern as your Paddington Bear quilt, right? Can you tell me what the block layout is? It's hard to tell from the pictures.

How was the volleyball game?

Julie said...

Looks like fun. We have Monday off, but have to work Friday. Enjoy your extra-long weekend.

Dawn said...

Looks like a lot of fun sewing going on!!