Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who needs only FIFTEEN projects?!?!?

Been out surfing this AM; came across this gem: Uncommon Threads Quilting Guild's Strip Quilt that I've dubbed the "SOM quilt" (Strip of the month).

Ummmmm...........dare I??!!?


Oh yes, besides that......Bonnie is putting the idea out for a green March project. She narrowed the pattern down to her Jared Takes a Wife pattern. BUT, I've actually been eyeing up this quilt from the Fons & Porter 2005 March calendar. I found this calendar in a box of "give-aways" that my mother had given me last summer. Originally, patterns were given with the calendars, but it has obviously been lost. No biggy for this quilt, though! The 4-patches can easily be made from 2" strips (measuring 3" finished), and the HST's from 3.5" strips (measuring 3" finished).

The question now becomes........

WHERE OH WHERE will the time be found to finish all these wonderful projects?!?!??!?

Happy Saturday!


Andee said...

LOL, you did already post a pic--grin. I like this one too...much easier to handle than Jared Takes a Wife (at least for me right now with DD waiting). I need to make two baby quilts with pink and green so this could work!

scraphappy said...

How many new projects did you start while I was away?!n I know you can quilt like a madwoman when you are on a roll, but OMG -- 15 WIPs? I think I will watch as you finish all those up and ponder which of those I'd like to put on my wish list for later. I'm being very good for now and finishing off my project a month. Maybe next year I can aspire to bite off more than I can chew!

Julie said...

Green! Yummy. I am sure you will be done with it by St. Paddy's Day. LOL. I took a twisted bargello quilt class today. Fun! It requires a lot of concentration, something that is not easy to come by for me, I am so easily distracted.

Calidore said...

Would you stop putting in so many links for so many stunning quilts. Honestly Amy I have more than enough projects on the go now - I don't need more temptation...vbg. Mind you I am seriously considering the Uncommon Threads project..I have never done a row by row quilt and this looks like fun. Just going to pop over to Bonnnie's patterns to see what's new there....roflmol. Have a lovely week.