Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Side-tracked; a mini-finish

Tonight, I had all intentions of starting to piece Step 1 of DoubleDelight, but.........well, I got side-tracked! I unpacked a bit from last night's class and organized the 2" squares that I had the ladies practice with while trying to master the 1/4". Just like on Sunday, one thing lead to another, and ...... this fun little wall-hanging resulted. :0) It's about 19x19".

DH suggested making it into a pillow....not too bad of an idea. But, I have a feeling the wall-hanging will win out.

What do YOU think? Pillow? Wall-hanging?

Happy Tuesday!
Night 2 of class is tomorrow night.


Cornfield Quilter said...

Cute Cute Cute! Definately wallhanging! :D

Dawn said...

It is cute!! I agree...wallhanging!!

Julie said...

Wall hanging for sure. Or maybe table topper.

scraphappy said...

Wallhanging it is. Do you have a wall in mind?